10 Players Of Note: UP Lax Annapolis


Club teams from Canada, the West Coast, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and several regions descended upon Annapolis during the second weekend of November for UP Lax. I took in the games, and while the players listed below are not necessarily the best players at the event, each of them captured our attention in one way or another during the games that we saw.

2013-11-10 10.04.01

Blue Chip Nationals 2016 attackman Devin Spencer tallied two goals and four assists against Penn Charter. The California native finished with at least twelve points in three games.

Burning River 2015 attackman Joe Altieri was one of the biggest crease attackmen competing. He was sporting a two shell Cascade CPX. That’s how big.

Claremont Spartans 2015 attackman Rees Cullen stands at 6’2” or taller. He’s also Canadian and left handed.

Claremont Spartans 2014 middie Mclean Chicquen was the lone bright spot for the Canadian club in their first game against Gonzaga. The middie scored off a violent on the run shot. According the Spartans coach, Chicquen is headed to Stony Brook.

2013-11-10 14.11.39

Georgetown Prep 2014 middie Brendan Collins stood out immediately against Team United thanks to his size and pin point passing from up top. He looks like he could step onto a D1 campus and compete for time immediately. Collins will be in South Bend next fall.

Gonzaga 2016 middie Avery Myers was borderline unstoppable against Claremont and Blue Chip Nationals. He scored on the run with both hands in settled situations and in transition.

Gonzaga 2015 attackman Timmy Monahan was equally impressive against Claremont and Blue Chip Nationals.  He tallied goals off the dodge and off ball including a very heavy time and room shot.

2013-11-10 12.06.03

Green Turtle 2016 middie Levi McGrady, a Pittsburgh native, runs like a deer and shoots like a bull.

NXT 2015 middie Chris Friedman, one of thicker middies you’ll see, scored on their first possession against Georgetown Prep.

Virginia LC 2016 defenseman Conor Shears passes the eye test. Tall, rangy, and confident in transition.