19 Chasing 270: Kevin Leveille


Kevin Leveille currently has 261 goals in his Major League Lacrosse career. The all-time leading MLL goal scorer is Tim Goettelmann, who currently has 270 goals. That’s a difference of 9 for all you English majors out there.

It’s hard to say Goettelmann’s record is going to stay at 270, considering he scored two goals in a game earlier this year, but to be fair, it doesn’t seem like TG is going to get a ton of run with the Bayhawks, especially given Casey Powell’s move to join the team. So if 270 is the mark, will Kevin Leveille hit it this year?

Check out 19 Chasing 270, a short video by the MLL, for more on Leveille’s quest:

Now that you’ve seen the video, there are a couple of things worth point out:

1) Kevin sometimes uses a traditional stick. Bonus points right there.


2) Leveille is NOT a Paul Rabil type player. He’s not bigger, faster, or stronger than you. He just has much, much, MUCH better stick skills. And after all, stick skills rule all.

3) Looks can be deceiving. Leveille doesn’t necessarily look like a guy that will drop 9 goals on you in a game, but he might. Never judge a book by its cover!


4) Instead of crediting box lacrosse, like many Canadian finishers do, Kevin credits his ability to playing hockey, because of the tight spaces, and need to make something happen. Very similar.

No matter how hard you work, if you’re not 6’4″, you’re not 6’4″. If you’re not blessed with speed or strength, you can work on it, but you may never be the fastest, or strongest. One thing you CAN work on til the end of time, where you can always improve? Stick skills. Get on it.


  1. I see him breaking the record this year. I had season tickets for the inaugural season for the Chicago Machine and even though they weren’t the best, Leveille brought the team to another level. I would love to see him go above and beyond the record this season. He is definitely a threat on the field for goals.