2004 Wesleyan Spring Break Photos


I was looking through a plastic bag of CDs and came across a photo album one of the parents had put together of shots from Wesleyan’s 2004 Spring Break trip down to Florida.  I was an assistant coach at the time so there aren’t any pictures of me, but whatever.  Some of these guys are still pretty active in the lacrosse world and it’s always funny to see how much uniforms and equipment has changed in only 6 years.

Chris Meade, Co-Founder of LacrosseRecruits.com, about to throw down a split dodge.
Phil Amidon, a current Woozle, brings the ball up field. Ah, the C2.
Glenn Adams take it to the rack. Glenn has played for both LI and Boston in the MLL.

As you can see, we all had different gloves, cleats and yes, even helmets.  We paid for our own gear so as long as it was close, coach let it go.  As the years passed, we definitely got our act together and eventually dropped the 1970s style uniforms for some Warrior threads.

Multiple time All-American and ex-Harvard assistant coach, Charlie Congleton.

Nowadays the Wesleyan team has a very different look from Nike and Brine and they are all wearing team gear. Guess it had to happen!

2009 NCAA D3 Defender of the year, Spike Malangone

They certainly look a lot more serious.  I guess we’ll have to wait for a Spring alumni game to test that theory out!


  1. I need to call bullshit on this C Murder. We most certainly did not pay for our own gloves and helmets. They were provided gratis. Certain individuals felt the need for the dome piece upgrade (myself included) and dirty phil just had some nasty old school stx gloves. just sayin.

    • you paid for your helmet. I paid for mine. Meade paid for his. Phil got a school helmet. We ALL paid for our team gloves if we wanted to keep them for more than just the spring. hell, we even bought our away shorts! things have changed but I think your memory of that time is questionable.