Hot Pot Of Lax: Monday Helmet. Bigfoot.

M11 box lacrosse Cascade Sports hockey helmet
Minty fresh. Need it.

Monday, Monday.  Welcome to Monday!  This is probably the slowest but also fastest Monday in the US.  Everyone is back at work and things need to get done.  But people are moving a little slower than usual and this makes things feel like they are moving way too fast for you.  No one wins.  To ease you back in to the grind (this only means more lacrosse coverage so buck up!), we’re stirring up a quality chaldron full of Joe.  Joe Lax.  Quality lacrosse links and no Press Releases.  We sorted the nonsense for you.

More Box Lacrosse Helmet Pictures.  Just tell me you don’t want one of these.  I wouldn’t call you a liar but I would seriously doubt your sincerety.

M11 box lacrosse Cascade Sports hockey helmet
Helmet looks great. Decals look superb. Waiting patiently.
M11 box lacrosse Cascade Sports hockey helmet
Minty fresh. Need it.

Steve Hauschka played lacrosse at Middlebury. Now he kicks things in the NFL.  LAX!! |

Can you believe this is the punishment that was meted out after that NLL pre-season fiasco?  What is this, the NCAA? |

The Boston Blazers have a new Head Coach.  Maybe they’ll win with Matt Sawyer behind the bench. |

When things go wrong, its nice to know an entire community has your back. | Columbus Dispatch

And a local ukelele group plans on going global.  Oh wait, that’s just about a town in Wisconsin.  What the heck? | Lacrosse Tribune

I’m sure you’ll be glad to have El Jeff-e running the Coffee cart later this week but it’s been fun having the steering wheel to myself.  Now where are we, again?


  1. I really, really want myself a nice box bucket. Need to wait until someone I know is over in Northamerica, otherwise shipping will be ridicously expensive.

    After some frustration with the RBK lacrosse bag, I have decided to purchase a hockey bag as my next lacrosse bag. It would only be fitting to rock a box bucket as well.

  2. Alex, as the designer of these unis I can tell you they were hindered somewhat by copyrite the lacrosse team does not get all the fixins the football team does. Also should these have been more “wild” with carbon fiber or fades we would be talking about how “summer ball-ish” they look. I personally feel this is a happy medium from the awe-struck first glance at the FB Rose Bowl look and a classy but appropriet look for one of the more serious MCLA programs out there.  Just my .02 

  3. Part of Oregon “playing it safe” in years past has always been due to the team trying to stay loyal to the Nike brand. I know it seems totally backwards, but if Oregon had stuck with Nike uniforms this year, they’d never been able to have a uniform like this. They’d probably be wearing stock black and whites. Maybe one day Nike will take notice and give them the football treatment… until then, just like 412 said, you’ve got to respect that Oregon is making the extra effort. Balling on a budget…