5 Halftime Show Ideas For The Boston Blazers

Quick Change Halftime Show

In light of recent events at TD Garden, the Boston Blazers‘ home turf, we’d like to take this time to share with you a few alternative halftime acts the Blazers and all other National Lacrosse League teams should consider for future home games. These are big-time halftime shows, so they’d be perfect for those extra special games. Like, say, OPENING NIGHT.

5. Red Panda

Voted #1 2004 halftime act of the year by GAMEOPS.COM!

Krystal Niu trained professionally in Chine, performing Chineses Acrobatics since the tender age of 11. She developed her unicycle bowl flipping act, performing for the Shanghai Acrobatic Trouble. As The Red Panda Acrobat, Krystal rides a seven foot unicycle, kicks several bowls at a time into the air and lands them in an ever-growing and wobbly stack of bowls on her head.
Wolfpack Entertainment

You should have booked her the second you read “seven foot unicycle.”

4. The Bucket Boys

The Bucket Boys are an extremely talented group of teens from Chicago’s South Side who have been putting their percussive skills on display throughout the city for years. Performing synchronized durmming routines on plastic buckets, these kids were everywhere – along the Magnificent Mile and, during baseball season, outside of Wrigley Field – any spot where their performance would draw heavy crowds.
Wolfpack Entertainment

You’ve got the fans. They’ve got the beats.

3. The Rubber Boy

The World’s Greatest Contortionist!

Daniel Browning Smith, born in Meridian, Mississippi in 1979, learned he had the strangest abilities at the young age of four. This discovery took place while rough-houseing with siblings – he jumped off of a bunk bed and landed in the splits – and soon realized he could form his body into almost any shape! His father was amazed at his son’s unique talents and collected some photographs of contortionists from the local library. A dream was born. From that moment, Daniel wanted to be a contortionist, but just any contortionist – THE WORLD’S GREATEST CONTORTIONIST!!
Wolfpack Entertainment

Can you hear the crowd now? “Ewwwwwww, Ahhhhhh. Did he really just do that?!”

2. Quick Change

Voted #1 halftime act in the NBA!

“During a non-stop, dynamic, superbly choriographed dance exhibition, Quick Change puzzles a flabbergasted audience with staggering costume transformations, which happen in front of their eyes in fractions of a second. Whether presented on center court of a basketball floor, on stage or at center ice, their elegant metamorphoses are simply unbelievable.
Wolfpack Entertainment

Changing this fast takes some skill! Not too racy, not too provocative. Just straight entertainment.

1. Disc-Connected K9’s

World Famous Frisbee Dogs!

100% Self Contained High Energy Frisbee Dog Entertainment Grounds Act
Over 40 Years of Frisbee Experience
3 World Championship Titles (2008 &  2010 AWI World Disc Dog Champion and
2010 Skyhoundz World Disc Dog Champion
31 World Finalist Frisbee Dog Appearances
10 Performing Dogs
9 World Finalist Dogs
Professionally Media Trained Team Members

Could you imagine a frisbee dog running around the turf in an indoor arena? It’d be the perfect halftime show. Who needs lap dances when you’ve got high-flying puppies!?


And finally, if you’re ever in doubt again…

Contact your local middle school’s jump roping team.

Did we leave any other spectacular halftime acts off this list?


  1. Agreed! and great post, I’ve seen some of these acts live and they are good entertainment. Lap Dances? “Hey kids, it’s time for the lap dance! Watch this lady grind her body against a person in a fuzzy mascot costume!” What were they thinking?