5 Qualities of Great Teams

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

I like this statement. And if it holds true in basketball, it should also hold true in life. In fact, We could almost think of each finger as a separate component of or person on the team.

Do you have each of those 5 people accounted for on your “team,” and do you fill any of these roster spots for anyone else’s team?

  1. Do you have somebody that you communicate well with? Somebody that understands your modes of communication? Somebody that you don’t need to explain everything to, because they know you that well. Who do you know that well? Who can claim you as that team member?
  2. Do you have somebody on your team that you can trust with any and everything? Are you that person on somebody’s team?
  3. Who is the person on your team that will whold you accountable when you are falling off, or when you are not as productive as you need to be? Who is the person (whether they know it or not) that keeps you motivated to keep moving forward, or to keep pushing through a tough situation? Are you that person for someone?
  4. Who cares for you? Who do you know always has your best interests in mind? The person that can get away with saying the things that you don’t want to hear, because you know you need to hear it? Are you that person for anyone else?
  5. Who on your team are you proud to know? Who is the person whom you are glad to have on your team, just because they are who they are? Do you have someone on your team whom you can say you are a better person simply for having known him/her? Are you that person for someone else?

Make it a GREAT day!
Stay blessed.