Undock Your Boat

Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.


Sometimes the one thing holding us back is ourselves. We can’t swim very far if we never let go of the wall. Nor can we left go of the wall and expect to make any progress if we’re still wearing floaties, and trying to be safe. Our best opportunities in life, often require us to let go of what is safe and familiar. College. Moving. Travel… Heck! Solid ground is a rather familiar and safe place to me! It takes courage for us to leave that behind, to hop into a large metal tube that is going to fly through the air across the country or the globe. It takes courage to hop onto a giant boat, and float around in the ocean for a few days with no land in sight. But the experience, the reward, the benefit outweighs the risk, and we trust that everything is going to be fine, because it would be silly of us not to, right? It takes as much, or more faith to believe that the worst is going to happen than to believe that the best is going to happen.

What opportunities do you have in front of you? What is business or employment opportunity is just waiting on you to leave the familiar behind? What relationship is waiting on you to stop playing it so safe? What life experience is waiting for you to let go of the wall and swim out to it? Cut the chains. Undock your boat. Let go of the “I can’t”s and the “I’m waiting for”s and go take what’s your’s!

Make it a GREAT day, and a GREAT weekend!

Stay blessed