UPDATED: A Dangerous Lacrosse Rumor To Spread: Under Armour

UMD-Fall-Glove maryland lacrosse lax under armour UA
Storm trooper chic.

As I was scanning facebook this morning, I saw a Lacrosse Unlimited post that read, “RUMORED: Maryland Men’s Lacrosse has sent back all of their Under Armour gloves after a couple players broke their hands in Fall Ball”.  Wow.  That is a HUGE rumor to just put out there!

Now the question quickly becomes, is it true?

Lacrosse unlimited rumor maryland under armour
So is this actually true?

Of course we really strive to complete our due diligence here at LAS, and we’ve been on this story internally for a couple weeks now, so we checked in with a couple of super secret and serious contacts to see what more we could glean from the situation.  The TRUTH is out there!

From 2 different sources we also heard that three hands had been broken, and that ALL of the gloves had been returned to Under Armour.  However, BOTH of these sources had ties to other programs or other lacrosse padding manufacturers.  So we took the info with a small grain of salt and didn’t rush to post anything.  THEN we went and got a direct source…  Someone who would know EXACTLY what was going on.  We obviously can’t reveal this source but if you look back at our record of releasing secret information, you’ll see we’re on point.

So here is the “real deal” from an extremely knowledgeable and inside source:

“There have been no major injuries due to the gloves, but UA is said to be modifying the pinky and index finger to add padding that wasn’t there before. Maryland hasn’t received the new gloves yet, but the players are still using the original pairs without the increased padding.”

UPDATE: According to an apology post on LaxUNation, a rep from Under Armour said that they will NOT be making any modificationsto the gloves.  But if Under Armour doesn’t, it sure sounds like the players might.  NOW do we all have the story straight?  Probably not.  And that’s why you don’t use one-armed persons to teach lessons!  We all end up looking a little silly.

UMD-Fall-Glove maryland lacrosse lax under armour UA
Storm trooper chic.

SWEET photo of the UMD gloves courtesy Inside Lacrosse.


  1. Our source confirms much of what was reported here by Connor. That is; no one was hurt, there is a lack of padding on the side of the pinky finger, players have modified the gloves to add padding there, and the gloves were not sent back. The sentiment seems to be that the players prefer the STX gloves to the Under Armour gloves.

    •  Go on Facebook and search “Maryland Men’s Lacrosse. They have a photo album titled Fallball week 2. Over 100 pictures. All the players are wearing UA elbow pads but I saw 2-3 guys wearing the new gloves…

      • Nice find, thanks.  
        That makes the updated posted from the UA rep even more strange.  If the players are going to have to wear these gloves in the spring, and they are not changing, why can they wear what they want at practice?  Everything doesn’t add up.  

        If there is a problem, it would be better for UA to come clean say what the plan is to fix it.  The cover up is always worse then the crime.