A Truly Great Labor Day Lacrosse Video

Team USA - FIL World Championships

It’s the end of Summer. Time for barbecues, that last dip in the pool or trip to the beach, and family reunions. When members of the Seiler clan come together, all of the above may go down, but what’s REALLY happening is a great game of family lacrosse!

There look to be at least three generations of family members playing, men’s sticks, women’s sticks, and kid’s sticks are all used, and the younger players are clearly still in the single digits when it comes to age. But Grandma is out there too, and she plays some mean defense, so move the ball young man!

I also love how a teenager is sitting and taking video with his phone. Classic!

Listen, I know NOTHING about the Seiler clan… in fact I don’t even know that to be their real name. The YouTube uploader is named William Seiler, so I’m assuming that’s the case. But I do know that this video is awesome, and does a good job of summing up what a great lacrosse family looks like on Labor Day.

Let this video serve as an inspiration for you and your family today. Get outside, get a small game of family lacrosse going, and enjoy the holiday! Let’s make this a community-wide tradition. Family lacrosse games on Labor Day… and GO!

If you end up making it happen, send us a video. We’d love to see it!