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Lacrosse All Stars is the worldwide leader in digital news, information, and resources for today’s avid lacrosse enthusiast. LaxAllStars.com serves a global audience of 3,750,000 lacrosse players, coaches, and fans by delivering groundbreaking content, authentic online experiences, and unparalleled educational resources. Our goal is simple: GROW THE GAME!

[quote]Growth of lacrosse stems from a deep and passionate understanding of the game. By empowering players, coaches, and fans to develop this passion, we can truly grow the game.[/quote]

Operating out of Boise, ID, and Brooklyn, NY, LaxAllStars.com is the premier media property of Red Label Sports, Inc, an Idaho startup corporation founded in 2010 by former NCAA and MCLA college lacrosse players with backgrounds in business, marketing and sports media.

Publisher: Connor Wilson

Chairman, CEO: Jeff Brunelle
Board of Directors: Jeff Brunelle, Ryan Powell, Connor Wilson
Advisory Committee: Charles Hudson, Jim Loftus, Rob McQuade, Mike Powell
General Counsel: Rob McQuade

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Editor, LaxAllStars.com: Mark Donahue

Staff Writers: Michael Allen, Jeff Brunelle, Mark Donahue, Ryan Powell, Kevin Rowen, Connor Wilson
Contributors: Drew Adams, Billy Bitter, Malcolm Chase, Sean Christman, Ryan Connors, Gordon Corsetti, Billy Nguyen, Mark Powers, Andrew Ratzke, Colton Raichl, Greg Rose, Chris Rosenthall, Peter Tumbas, Chazz Woodson
Photography: Tommy Gilligan
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Marketing & Advertising Sales: Jeff Brunelle, Connor Wilson

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