Adrenaline Performance Of The Week Announcement

Rob Pannell Cornell lacrosse
Living legend.

Beginning THIS MONDAY, Lax All Stars will be running a new segment called the Adrenaline Performance Of The Week.

Here’s how it will work:

All weekend long, LAS readers should be on the lookout for their “Adrenaline Performance Of The Week” Nominee.  This Performance of the Week can be a team that wins a big game, a coach that reaches a milestone or a particular player who really stands out.  The nomination can be YOUR team, or some other team that impressed you.  You can nominate yourself (if you had a big game!) or a star player like Rob Pannell of Cornell. You can even pick a HS player, or a pro (NLL or MLL) player.  The gates are pretty wide open here!

Rob Pannell Cornell lacrosse
It will be hard to NOT pick Pannell with the season he's having!

(Photo courtesy

The idea is to uncover the best performances by teams, players or coaches and then nominate them in our weekly post, which will be up every Monday. The beauty is that you can nominate yourself OR someone else – so the best truly get their due!

When the post publishes, Readers will make their nominations in the comments section of the post. LAS will select the winner based on our personal preference, the total number of likes it receives and the number of reply comments the comment itself receives. All criteria are weightless and LAS makes the final call on all winners.  There is no gaming the system!

The winning comment could be simple or it could be complex.  If you nominate someone (OR some team) and explain WHY you nominated them in less than 20 words, you could win.  If you write a 500 word essay, you could win.  The deciding factor will, as always, be QUALITY.  Basically, the more intelligent or interesting the comment, the higher your chances of winning are!

The winner will receive a pair of GREY Adrenaline Socks that you can’t get anywhere else! Nope, not the white ones, not the black ones… think somewhere in between.  Adrenaline and LAS, hooking you up with super custom gear… and we’re doing it all just because you’re talking about lax! Tell us that’s not awesome!

adrenaline sock grey LAS
You can't get these ANYWHERE! Except here!

Look for the first Adrenaline Performance of the Week post this Monday, April 11th… and until then, keep tabs on your top players, and think of who you will nominate! Free custom socks are well worth it, especially when they’re made by Adrenaline!