Akon On My iPod, Rippin’ The Duck



The winner of STX’s Rip The Duck t-shirt design contest has been revealed:

Winner – Blake DeRosier


According to STX, the shirts will be produced as limited edition promo t’s and they’ll be available next month. Blake will get himself a handful of ’em plus the FULL new K18 line – gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads and stick.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Now for the runners-up:

Runner-up 1 – Tom Gamblin


Runner-up 2 – Jonathan Cespedes


Tom and Jonathan both will get the new RTD t-shirt and an unstrung Revolver head in honor of Steven Brooks, the man who coined the term “Rip the Duck”.

In other news…

LXM PRO, the upcoming music/lacrosse event organized by Scott Hochstadt, has been slowly announcing the pro players that will be participating in the event. LAXFU News has the partial list.

Today they also announced the headlining concert:


What do you guys think – legit RTD shirt designs? Is Akon a crowd pleaser?

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