All I Want For LaXmas: Wahoo Edition


Hope you guys are getting ready for a great holiday! In the spirit of LaXmas, I thought I’d share a few things I’m looking for this year. Check ’em out below.

By the way, stay tuned for my Christmas Album… it’ll be on LAS in the next day or so.

Behold, my 2009 LaXmas wishlist:

1. Injury free Pro Lacrosse season, whatever league you are in! For myself and all other elves suiting up. Last year I felt we had way too many and it’s just not good.

2. First class seats to lax games… we can dream can’t we boys!!!

3. A little love for Lacrosse the Nations in the new year. 2010 should be a huge year.

4. A beach cruiser… I’ve been in Hermosa for 2 years and have no wheels other than my long board. Time to upgrade!

5. A couple sick photos… for some reason I always look around and see how many memorable photos everyone else has and for some reason I just don’t. Maybe I need to tweak my game to be more camera friendly, cause I am way behind!

6. The Bro Chill King Con Martin to throw a Slip n Slide Party a few times a year for the lax community! Please check out his video… great message, amazing idea. One of the best I’ve seen recently.

7. Kids to NOT wear Vans to play lacrosse in. PLEASE STOP.

8. Tix to Jay Z’s concert in March. Oh wait, I just got them as an early Christmas gift… VIP at HOVA’s concert! I can’t wait!

[Editor’s note: JEALOUS.]

9. For the lax community to start coming up with more clever nicknames… Harri and Joe Walters know what I am talking about.

10. Some Green Oakley Frogskins. They’re pretty West Coast, but I love them

11. White Christmas back in OH…IO!

12. For the BUCKS to bring it on Oregon!

[Editor’s note: Not a chance!]

13. Another trip to drive the Audis up in Napa… Got a chance to go a buck-20 in an R9 V10 the other week and have to say it was about as cool as it gets.

14. A Lacrosse championship. Pro, Vail, Hawaii – I don’t care, just need to get out and start balling again.

15. My BBM to start working again

16. Surf lessons… I am still sooo mediocre. Got any tips?

17. Always ask for some monkey butlers in this every year… man that would be awesome.

18. And finally, a safe holiday to all the readers here!

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About the author
: MLL All-Star Brett Hughes is a former UVA All-American who currently plays longpole for the Denver Outlaws. In addition to playing pro ball, Hughes runs the lacrosse division of ESPN RISE and represents Team STX. He is also Co-Founder/Director of Lacrosse The Nations, a non-profit organization using the universal language of sport to bring hope and joy into the heart of impoverished communities.

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