All Up In Your Traditional, Stringing Your Sticks

It's almost TOO shiny. Ha. Not possible.

I’ve been known to extol the numerous awesome qualities of traditional stringing. That’s no secret. And since I’ve got the ULax NYC box league coming up, I wanted to have traditional in a really stiff stick that can take a beating in the cold.  I brought out my trusty Mohawk Mission and went to work.

Yellow waxed tip hockey laces make great shooting strings.
Nice little bag on the spoon.
Notice anything different?

It’s a pretty basic traditional with 4 shooters and a nice channel. The biggest difference from most of the tradish stringing out there is how I attached the bottom of the leathers to the throat.

Looks normal more or less.

Instead of pulling the leathers through, I tied a knot in the crosslace, cut a slit in the leather near the throat area and pulled the crosslace through.  Then I took the crosslace and pulled that through the throat holes.  The pocket floats a bit more than a normal traditional pocket would and makes for very easy depth adjustments.

There we go. Nice. Like Gary Gait does it!

The leather takes a while to break in and is still pretty stiff. Got to hit the wall a bit more! PRACTICE!

I also wanted to try something a little different. So when STX and Nike sent over a Nike Elite 10 Chrome Head, I obviously went tradish on that bad boy.

It’s almost TOO shiny. Ha. Not possible.

Instead of using normal sidewall or crosslace, I got some super thick venetian blind cord and used that.  I even used it in place of leathers.  The thick string gives great hold and a smooth release with a shallow pocket.  I may be converting to this full-time after some more experimentation.

Thicker crosslace = awesome hold.
A lot of string at the bottom. Pure truth.


    • the break in is somewhat of a concern but it’s so similar to sidewall lace that I’m not too worried.
      I’ve done the laces as leathers move before (with thinner cord) so that should work too. SHooters keep the whole pocket in place but the hold is unreal from the first cradle.