All We Want For LaXmas!

Winter Lacrosse Santa Laxmas Christmas Lax
This is still my favorite Lax Santa pic of all time!

The Christmas holiday season is a wonderful time of year.  Everyone gets to make wishes and then see if they come true.  But Laxmas is just as good, if not better and a number of the LAS contributors and some of LAS’ besties came up with some interesting Laxmas wishes.  Check out what they are wishing for and let us know what you want for Laxmas in the comments!

Christopher Weed, the Chicago LAS correspondent, thinks big about Midwest Lax and even gives props to a similar sport, played on footknives:  

I want a Big Ten Lacrosse and Hockey Conference for Christmas.  I also want to wish a Happy Holiday to all the LAS staff and all midwest laxers, keep representing. Let’s make 2011 the best lacrosse season yet!

Matt Schomburg, STX rep and director of writes in:

Ho Ho Ho, Mr. LAS!  All I want for Laxmas (that I haven’t gotten already!) is to sell out my Fogolax Face Off Camp on February 21st, 22nd and 23rd of 2011!!

Krieg Shaw, the Idaho lax blogger and man behind drafted up a short list for us to take a look at.  I like his selections!

1. A PNCLL playoff run by the Idaho Vandals, time to shine gents.
2. A playoff run/Super Bowl victory for my Green Bay Packers… or just a Packer Sideline Hoodie.
3. Double the crowd at every MCLA game, triple the crowd in Denver this May and quadruple the growth of the lacrosse as a whole.

Knox Hutchinson, aka Cajun Corner Knox has a nice little wish list.  I may need to send him some arm guards when I get back home from Florida!  Might be after Christmas, but I think he’ll be ok with it!  Better late than never I always say! Take it away, Knox:

1. New arm guards – I’m using Bacharachs. Need a picture of em?
2. A safe box season – already had three injuries in one game. Cajuns are rough.
3. For BOOM Rouge to fill up.
4. I’d also like 3 more HS’s to start teams in Louisiana.
5. Finally, I’d love for the LaxAllStars staff to get whatever they’ve been wanting. They’ve been huge in helping promote Louisiana lacrosse and I’d sleep better at night knowing they get what they want!

LAS Co-Founder, Jeff Brunelle, also put together a 5 part Laxmas wish list and now I can’t decide which one I like more!  I guess that’s a good problem to have!  Jeff’s list:

1. RIT dye packs for every color of the rainbow.
2. 365 heads we can dye and giveaway each day of 2011 on LAS.
3. Nike Lacrosse to get a clue and ride the BCS Championship wave with a full out sponsorship of the Oregon Ducks men’s lacrosse team in 2011.

4. Man Slippers
5. Wright & McGill Co. 5-piece fly rod.

TizzleSTX chimed in with some wish list items and he even included pictures!  Chrome heads for ladies?  Awesome.  Here is the rest of Tizzle’s wish list:

Chrome STX heads!  We’ll offer the Super PowerU, X10, Revolver and Proton Power in Silver and Carolina chrome soon, all of the other colors (Gold, Kelly Green, Orange, Royal, Red and Smoke) should get into stores February.  We’re also offering the Rave and Crux in select chrome colors for the ladies!

The NEW STX women's Crux gold chrome head. Lovely!!!

Josh Acut of the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club has some wishes as well and as usual, they do NOT disappoint one bit:

For Christmas we’d really love tickets to LXM512 for the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club’s HS Team. And I’d like to also get some tickets for my buddy in Kentucky, Muamer Razic!  These kids are busting their butts trying to Grow the Game, and after talking to Muamer the other night on the phone, he deserves mad props!   Shoot while I’m at it, I’d love to have a chance to play on Team New Balance in the LXMPRO game in Austin this April.  I could go on and on… Maybe Santa STX would love to leave a STX Surgeon head in my stocking, LOL!

But back to the kids, if there was one thing that I could ask for them it would be LXMPRO tickets. It would make their year to be able to go and watch all the guys they YouTube’d when trying to learn how to play lacrosse. Austin is only 4 hours from Corpus Christi/Flour Bluff, TX… A road trip well worth it!

Johnny B out of Bigfoot Lacrosse, which is based out of Oregon, is treating this more like Thanksgiving and there is nothing wrong with that!  Those are just the ABGTs of life.  Always Be Giving Thanks:

I’d love to thank all my customers over the past year.  Without your continued support of Bigfoot Lacrosse, I could not continue to have the greatest job in the world; helping grow the game!  Your continued business is truly my livelihood, and without all of you I wouldn’t be able to give back to the game year after year.  I hope you all have a happy holidays, and a great new year!  If I haven’t done business with you yet, here’s to hoping that we can get together in 2011 and make your team one of the best outfitted teams in the country!!!  I also hope to see all the local Oregon laxers in the NEW Eugene Bigfoot come January.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

In LAX we trust!

We’ll end with a man of infinite wisdom.  Dan Willson knows how to string a lacrosse stick, he knows lax and computers and he loves life.  Listen to this man above all others (except maybe me!) as he dishes out wisdom.

What do I want for LAXmas? Right about now, I’m totally selfish and wishing that my parents’ present was here because that means I’d already be in NC – but nope, I’m stuck in Alabama waiting on UPS to deliver a 25″ Asus LCD for their Mac mini. My fiancée took pity on me and let me open a present: a near-mint condition 1970s Brine PL66 (still shiny with gold lettering).

But what I really want for LAXmas is for lacrosse to become a varsity sport in states where it isn’t a sanctioned sport. I would like peace and goodwill from the baseball community (hey, wow, let the kids decide what they want to play, you mean old adults) because true laxers wish no one ill wil (off the field, that is).

I also hope the football-crazy portions of the country (cough, The South, cough) take note of how football coaches from other parts of the country (cough, Northern Virginia) helped bring the joy of lax to their communities for the enrichment of everyone (hint: the AD/football coach at my high school was a lineman from Auburn, so I know we can all coexist).

But what do I really, really truly want for LAXmas? What Bill and Ted said: for everyone to be excellent to each other. How hard should that be?

I don’t think anyone can top Dan, Bill or Ted so I’m just going to leave it at that:  Be EXCELLENT to each other.

Winter Lacrosse Santa Laxmas Christmas Lax
This is still my favorite Lax Santa pic of all time!