Amazing Lacrosse Art By Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen Lacrosse Art

Jeff Allen is an artist from the lacrosse hotbed of Syracuse, NY.  He attended UVA (and graduated in ’89).   While there, he studied art and played football.  And while Jeff does a lot of different sports paintings, but really focuses on lacrosse.

Jeff liked the stickers we sell in our store and ended up placing an order with and used our promo code for a $25 discount.  Glad we could be of assistance, Jeff!.  He also made a sweet sticker of one of his paintings titled Wrap Around #1.  It depicts Kenny Nims from SU’s National Championship team of 2009 performing one of his signature shots on goal called, obviously, a “wrap around.”  It’s the first painting below.

Jeff was nice enough to send over a couple additional photos of his work that you can also see after the text.

For more images, check Jeff out online at!  Keep up the great work!

Jeff Allen Lacrosse Art

Jeff Allen Lacrosse Art

Jeff Allen Lacrosse Art

Jeff Allen Lacrosse Art


  1. Wow!

    The pictures certainly have a certain …trippy feel to them. Love ’em!

    It’s almost as if the players depicted play in Lovecraftian settings with as much as humanity’s fate and sanity at stake!!

    … ok, I’ve got carrierd away a bit … but they are hauntingly beautiful!