And the Next Lacrosse Hotbed will be in…?


This week’s reader poll is all about emerging areas. You know well enough by now that we love the rapid expansion and growth of lacrosse. It’s only a matter of time before a new major hotbed pops up and starts spitting out NCAA phenoms.

The East coast already has several hotbeds and Colorado and Southern California have also claimed their stake in the game.

But where will the next lacrosse hotbed will be in?

Where do YOU think it’ll be? There are so many emerging areas popping up all over the United States, here are a few.

Reader Poll: Next Lacrosse Hotbed


  1. What about Minnesota? They have been producing more D1 talent lately and I think they will continue to produce more as the sport really grows here. As someone that lives in the Twin Cities area, the sport is expanding quickly.

    Homegrown lacrosse does a fantastic job getting leagues and tournaments set up too!