Ask a Ref: Busting Myths and Misconceptions

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Every Friday, Gordon Corsetti and I will be answering reader questions about officiating and the many questionable situations that can come up in our beautiful game of lacrosse. We are here to serve you and to clear up any confusion or misconceptions about the game of lacrosse. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below if there’s something specific you’d like to learn about.

Combined, Gordon and I have officiated hundreds, if not thousands, of lacrosse games, camps, tournaments, scrimmages and exhibitions across at least seven different States in four different districts. We have a year-round passion for officiating, and we use it as our way to give back to the game and stay on the field.

We will cover lacrosse rules topics from youth, high school, and college to the professional leagues. If there’s anything you want to know, just ask! It doesn’t have to be about the rules either – feel free to ask us about the duties and lifestyle of officials too.

Since we’re rolling into the spring season, most of our questions will be centered around the field game, but box lacrosse questions are always encouraged too.

Feel free to ask questions like:

What are the officials really looking for in offsides calls?


I saw a college game where there was a “play-on” penalty and then the guy turned around and slashed him in retaliation… Why did they both go to the box?

Everything is on the table.

Your Trusty Officiating Crew

Gordon and I not only put on stripes almost every night, but we also actively watch, play, coach, and live lacrosse too.


From time to time, we’ll also be bringing in our colleagues as guests to answer special questions. For instance, we may get an inquiry about MLL or NLL rules, and who better to ask than an official with experience in the professional leagues?

Feel free to catch up on any of Gordon’s posts from 2013, all linked below, and check out his awesome video about officiating duties with only two officials, too.

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What To Expect Next Week

Next week, we’ll be covering the new NFHS rules for 2014. We hope to clear up any confusion about them as early as quickly as we can to help make everyone’s life a little easier come game day. From there, we’ll begin addressing any questions that come up from LAS readers. So go ahead and ask away!

About the author

Mark Donahue

Currently spreading his wings in the Emerald City, Mark is an Ohioan through and through and is also the editor, video guy, and box lacrosse junkie at When he’s not obsessing over lax at LAS HQ or officiating a game somewhere, you can probably find him on the slopes or at the disc golf course.

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