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Dance Thief 5

Text Messages From Con Bro Chill

1 - Published February 15, 2013 by in Lifestyle

Earlier this week, Con Bro Chill released its newest music video to rave reviews in the lacrosse world. Listening to Dance Thief, the “neon power party pop” song featured in the video, while watching the story line of this video unfold, I could not help but feel a since of nostalgia. It reminded me of the Power […]


Welcome to LAS 5!

0 - Published February 14, 2013 by in Site News

Hello there, and welcome to . Today, we’re excited to launch our brand new homepage. It looks a bit different, but the general layout hasn’t really changed. When first landing on the page you saw our FEATURED SECTION. This text you’re reading right now is today’s EDITOR’S NOTE. There will be a new note published […]