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Founder of Lacrosse All Stars. A West Coast native and product of the MCLA, I moved back East after college where I truly fell in love with the game. I've dedicated my career to LaxAllStars since 2010, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I now live in my hometown of Boise, Idaho, with my wife Zoë, two dogs, and a baby girl expected to arrive around Championship Weekend this May. I'm a technologist at heart, I'm not into snow or the month of January, and one time I kind of stole a football from Gary Gait. Life is crazy busy, but it's worth it when you get to immerse yourself in the medicine of lacrosse every day. We are on a mission to Grow The Game® on a global scale by empowering storytelling by players, for players, and bridging the gap between lacrosse and the mainstream.
Cross Clicks Cat

Crosse Clicks: Long Hair, Don’t Care

Providing a weekly rundown of the most interesting things that recently happened in the whole wide world of lacrosse, Crosse Clicks is to the lacrosse enthusiast as SparkNotes is to the above-average student!
Ryan Powell: It's up to you

Ryan Powell: It’s Up To You

Syracuse legend Ryan Powell explains to middle and high schoolers how their success in anything is "all up to you". Filmed at the Rhino...
Ryan Powell - How to be the best

Ryan Powell: How To Become The Best Lacrosse Player

Syracuse lacrosse legend Ryan Powell explains to youth and high school athletes what it takes to become the best lacrosse player on the field.
Learning the Plunger faceoff move with Greg Gurenlian

Learning the Plunger with Greg Gurenlian

Faceoff specialist Greg Gurenlian of the New York Lizards teaches the techniques of the "Plunger" move used during the faceoff.
Cradling 101 with Mike Powell

Cradling 101 with Mike Powell

Now presenting "Cradling 101" with Syracuse lacrosse legend Mike Powell - an instructional satire filmed on the road during the Grow The Game Tour.
Oregon Lacrosse Classic

Lacrosse Legends Team Up to Create Oregon Classic Tournament

Rhino Lacrosse has teamed up with the organizers of the renowned Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Tournament, George and Kevin Leveille, to present the Oregon Lacrosse Classic, a three-day lacrosse festival in Bend, Oregon.
Powell Hour Mixtape

The Powell Hour Mixtape

While at the Saratoga Springs Lacrosse Shootout in July, I got the opportunity to witness all three Powell brothers reunited and ready to put on a show. For the first time in nearly 6 years, Casey, Ryan, and Mike hosted "The Powell Hour" in front of a few hundred of Upstate New York's most passionate lacrosse players and fans.

Maverik Announces Women’s Line of Lacrosse Equipment & Apparel

Earlier today, Maverik Lacrosse (an LAS sponsor) announced the release of its first ever line of women's equipment and apparel. Development of the new product line was led by former Northwestern standout Aly Josephs who is now the Category Manager for Maverik Women's Lacrosse.

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