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The Science of Eating

1 - Published February 28, 2009 by in College, High School, Training

An important part of the game (and one that is often overlooked), is how a player fuels their body before heading out on to the field.  I’ve seen everything from teammates who chug two red bulls minutes before they begin warming up, to players that scarf down a 12 oz steak an hour before a […]

Overcoming the Odds: Logan Aldridge

0 - Published February 21, 2009 by in High School

We’ve all overcome some kind of adversity while playing the sport we love.  Whether it was playing through the pain of a sprained ankle, or finishing a game after breaking our thumb in the third quarter, there has been a moment where we’ve put everything else aside and did what we could for our team.  […]

Tryout Tips

1 - Published February 20, 2009 by in High School

It’s still only 2:30 p.m. but the anticipation could be cut with a knife.  Mother nature, as if she knew this was a special day, has served up a heavy dose of sun and unseasonably warm weather.  As the end of school draws nearer players begin to fidget in their seats and the coaches start […]

MLL Loses Four Teams: Nobody Notices

2 - Published February 14, 2009 by in Pro Lacrosse

This was briefly mentioned during In Da Club’s video post on Friday, but if you haven’t heard already, Major League Lacrosse will only be fielding six teams this summer.  The victims?  The Philly Barrage, NJ Pride, LA Riptide, & SF Dragons.  Not only that, the defending champs moved to Toronto! Does anyone care?

Hidden Ball Trick: Clever or Cheap?

2 - Published February 11, 2009 by in High School

Oh crap! Where’s the ball!?It was 2005 and I was just finishing up my first tournament as the head coach of a U-17 travel lacrosse team.  In our final game of the tournament we were all tied up with only a few minutes left to play.  Coming out of a time out, our opponent’s midfield […]

Rural Idaho to Division 1: An Interview with Deke Jackson

8 - Published February 4, 2009 by in College, Interviews

The dream of playing Division 1 lacrosse is shared by thousands of youth and high school players across the nation.  For some, the realization of that dream is simply a matter of hard work and dedication.  Others, however, have had to sacrifice more than just their time. In a LacrosseAllStars Exclusive, we ask Deke about […]

Will Lacrosse Be Checked By Economy?

5 - Published January 31, 2009 by in Grow The Game

As a product of the MCLA, I am no stranger to the idea of team dues.  However this article seems to suggest that the idea of paying to play is foreign to many families.  That got me thinking about the potential ways our country’s current economic crisis could negatively affect the game of lacrosse.  After […]

“Commercializing” the game

8 - Published January 28, 2009 by in College

This video is by no means anything new, having premiered almost two years ago at the MCLA’s national championship tournament.  However, despite the 20 some months I’ve had to reflect on the significance of an “MCLA commercial”, I still can’t quite figure out what the purpose of the campaign was.

Missed Practice? Crank up Guitar Hero!

1 - Published January 19, 2009 by in Lifestyle, Training

We’ve already established that multiple members of the LAS team are tech nerds. (I mean seriously, can you run a website without being a little geeky?)  My particular vice happens to be video games, which is why I was so excited to run across this article.  Researchers for electronic giant Sony (who obviously have no […]

West Coast Split

1 - Published January 12, 2009 by in College

 A big development here in the West Coast, as the largest conference in the MCLA (the Western Collegiate Lacrosse League) has decided to split itself in to two distinct organizations. The WCLL had been the best league in the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) and its predecessor, the Men’s Division Intercollegiate Associates, for years. Recently, […]

Grizzly Pics

1 - Published January 9, 2009 by in College

The art of photography is not an easy one to master, especially when trying to capture a game as complex as lacrosse.  Fortunately for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, we have been treated to a rising star in the lax photography field.  Will Moss, who primarily captures the goings-on of the University of […]

Idaho’s Evolving Lacrosse Landscape

3 - Published January 5, 2009 by in Interviews

Team Idaho’ U-19 squad takes on the Baltimore Crabs in 2007 As a program grows and evolves, so do the ways by which it judges its own success.  While many first year lacrosse teams are satisfied with moral victories or pulling out a single win over the course of a season, more established programs will […]