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That Old Lacrosse Head: Brine Oz

0 - Published December 5, 2014 by in Traditional

The Brine Oz is a classic even though it is one of the newest non-offset lacrosse heads out there! Watch me take out the mesh and put in traditional, because that’s what the Brine Oz deserves!


Hot Pot: How To Be A Man

0 - Published December 3, 2014 by in Hot Pot

Terry Crews tells us how to be a man. It’s a modern world, the times are changing, and Terry Crews has been a part of all of it! From playing in the NFL to stints on radio and TV to immensely popular Old Spice commercials, Crews has been all over the place, and it’s often […]

Ohio Machine vs. Chesapeake Bayhawks 2014 Photo Credit: Craig Chase Brian Farrell

Brian Farrell: New Coach At Boys Latin

0 - Published December 2, 2014 by in Coaching, High School

Brian Farrell, a former BL player and All American at Maryland, has been named as the next head lacrosse coach at Boys Latin in his home state. Farrell will take on the head coaching responsibilities in 2016, and current head coach, Bob Shriver, will stay on until then.


Traditional Thursday: Stringing Twin Pockets

0 - Published November 20, 2014 by in Stringing, Traditional

Stringing twin pockets can be a simple task if you’re using two of the exact same head. If you’re using two different heads, and you want to have the same pocket in both heads, you will need to think out the process a little bit and then try your best to string the same pocket […]