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Weekly Session #3 in the Pond with CL41

6 - Published March 27, 2009 by in College

Welcome back lacrosse enthusiasts for another great post with yours truly CL41. Before we start this post off I’d like to apologize for the late post this week. With finals week and preparing for spring break games I’ve been really busy and did not have time to write one up last week. So, without further […]

Weekly Session #2 in The Pond with CL41

11 - Published March 13, 2009 by in College

Lacrosse enthusiasts, welcome back to The Pond for round 2 with me, your host, CL41. Not much has been happening in The Pond since we last left you off. We Ducks played Boise State last weekend and both teams fought hard the whole game. Final score ended at 17-3 with Jon “Ocho Cinco” Matusiefsky leading […]