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Chris Rosenthall has been playing both indoor and outdoor lacrosse all over the East Coast for over 15 years. He has spent seven of those years coaching youth and high school programs throughout Northern Virginia, where he currently lives. You can find him on Twitter.
Miles-Thompson-Ohio-Machine-Rochester-Rattlers Major League Lacrosse

Digesting Major League Lacrosse: Week 7

Week seven of Major League Lacrosse was packed to the gills with underdog wins, highlight goals, 5 minute misconducts and more!
jeremy sieverts mll The All Star Game went really well in Florida.

Looking Forward: All Star Game & Week 7

First things first: let’s talk about the All Star Game. Then we talk Week 7. In case you missed it a few days ago, the MLL announced their All-Star team, a covertly assembled squad selected to take on Team USA at Harvard Stadium on Thursday, June 26.
Ohio Machine vs. Boston Cannons 2014 Major League Lacrosse

Digesting Major League Lacrosse: Week 6

Week six of Major League Lacrosse was filled with historic achievements and intriguing developments including the Denver Outlaws first loss in a long time!

Looking Forward: Denver Outlaws Vs Charlotte Hounds

If Charlotte is going to keep their postseason window open, they just might have to end The Streak. It’s obviously a daunting task going against the Denver Outlaws, but the Hounds might just have what it takes!
Ohio Machine vs. Chesapeake Bayhawks 2014 Photo Credit: Craig Chase

Digesting Major League Lacrosse: Week 5

Things are starting to shake out in Major League Lacrosse! It's a week 5 recap from the one and only Chris Rosenthall. New York, Ohio, Denver, and Rochester all picked up big wins!

NCAA Final Four: Notes From Baltimore

And now, we’re down to two: Notre Dame and Duke, the only schools to advance to the NCAA quarterfinals each of the last five seasons, have earned the right to play on Memorial Day. Chris Rosenthall provides his thoughts on the weekend, attendance, TV, hatred for Notre Dame, and so much more! It's an insider's view!

Digesting Major League Lacrosse: Week 4

The Outlaws saw another challenger climb to the mountaintop, then promptly booted them down the slide like a department store Santa. The Hounds tried to beat the Cannons for the first time in their relatively short history, the Machine looked to do the same against the Lizards and both were denied. The more things change, the more they stay the same, right?

Looking Forward: MLL Week 4 Preview

Ah, week four - the Mecca of MLL overreaction. We're weeks away from actually sealing anyone's fate, but (and I'm pretty sure I said the same thing last year) man oh man, 1-3 looks so much worse than 2-2, and this season, five teams find themselves teetering on that very precipice, staring into an abyss of no return. Okay, that may be a bit overdramatic, but this part can not be overstated: if you're 1-2, right your ship ASAP, or you just might get left behind.

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