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GMODT: The Late Shift – 2 Night Show 2 Furious

2 - Published January 12, 2010 by in The Life

The lifestyle guru says it can all be broken down into one question: Jay Leno or Dave Letterman? Answer right and first prize is a set of steak knives. Second prize is your show is moved back to midnight.

GMODT 2010 Edition- Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

6 - Published January 6, 2010 by in The Life

Mitch shares his New Year’s resolutions and tries not to come off as condescending or arrogant. Spoiler alert: Nick Jonas makes a cameo.

GMODT’s War On Christmas

2 - Published December 21, 2009 by in The Life

It’s a GMODT Christmas miracle! Or that’s what my Lax All Stars editors said when I actually showed up for work today. Christmas is right around the corner and I’ve opened up my sack-o-goodies to give you a little dose of holiday cheer. We’ll start with a Micheal Keaton abomination and end with a new GMODT tradition.

GMODT Gets Taken

2 - Published December 14, 2009 by in The Life

Sunday night used to be a cornucopia of TV riches for Mitch but now he’s left grasping at any HBO movie that catches his eye. Enter Liam Neeson kicking Eurotrash ass.

Best Of The “Best” Lists

4 - Published December 7, 2009 by in The Life

Seeing that I’m strangely fascinated with the end of this decade, I’m really enjoying all of the lists and essays that are springing up online. All of them trying to explain this cra-zay past ten years.

Post-Thanksgiving Grab Bag With GMODT

3 - Published November 30, 2009 by in The Life

After coming in and out of consciousness all weekend from a tryptophan induced coma, I’m back today to throw some stuff at this digital wall and see what sticks. Having said that…here is your regular Monday dose of GMODT!

GMODT’s Book Club

4 - Published November 23, 2009 by in The Life

Today I’m proud to say I’m stealing a page from Oprah’s play book. Even though Oprah is about to go on a year and a half long goodbye tour, it’s never too early to pay tribute.

A Pretty Pretty Good Review

4 - Published November 17, 2009 by in The Life

As the resident king of all media, I have to say that if you’re not watching the current season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, either you A) don’t have HBO or B)… actually there is no “b” because you don’t have any excuses left. It’s arguably the funniest show on television right now.

GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring Them Crooked Vultures

5 - Published November 16, 2009 by in The Life

Is the world ready for another supergroup? In this Monday’s edition, Mitch dives into the just released album from Them Crooked Vultures.

GMODT’s Monday Mini-Podcast

6 - Published November 9, 2009 by in The Life

It’s early November, Fall is in the air, and… Jim Carrey’s “A Christmas Carol” is in movie theaters? If you too are troubled by society’s decision to ostracize Thanksgiving and warmly embrace the holiday season in mid-October, then boy do we have a podcast for you.

GMODT’s Personal YouTube Favorites Part 2

4 - Published November 2, 2009 by in The Life

Back again with some personal YouTube favorites! Today we have everything from a hypnotic montage of David Caruso taking off his sunglasses to Air Jordan getting schooled at his own camp.

GMODT Featuring Some Personal YouTube Favorites

2 - Published October 26, 2009 by in The Life

Switching things up from music once again- in this Monday’s edition we dive into my YouTube “favorites” list. The sheer amount of videos posted on YouTube is still mind-boggling to me, as is the fact that virtually any media I’ve experienced in my 23 years is on there in some form or another.

GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring Neon Indian

3 - Published October 19, 2009 by in The Life

Mitch brings you a recently released album that’s sure to impress. Neon Indian is a tribute to cassette decks, VHS, and lo-fi sound. Prepare for nostalgia overload.

GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring October New Tunes

3 - Published October 12, 2009 by in The Life

The leaves are changing and new music is dropping. Mitch has something for everyone in this weeks musical adventure.

GMODT’s Comedy Monday Featuring Patton Oswalt

4 - Published October 5, 2009 by in The Life

Just when you think you have Mitch pegged in he breaks out of his self imposed musical box. This isn’t just another Music Monday. There will be no tuneage. Instead, we’re kicking off October with some failure piles in a sadness bowl. Welcome to Comedy Monday.

GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring The Beatles

4 - Published September 28, 2009 by in The Life

For this week’s Music Monday your host takes you way back to 1965. Vietnam was intensifying, Los Angeles was on fire, and this new fangled contraption called the skate board was the latest craze. Oh, and 4 lads from England were taking the world by storm.

GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring Public Enemy No.1, Kanye West

2 - Published September 21, 2009 by in The Life

This week Mitch has an exciting…(Kayne storms LAS HQ)… Kayne: “Wait, wait Imma let you finish but last weeks GMODT was the greatest post of all time!”

GMODT’s Music Monday Featuring Eric B. & Rakim

5 - Published September 14, 2009 by in The Life

SI has “Monday Morning QB” with Peter King but LAS has Music Mondays with GMODT. One talks non stop about Starbucks and the other can’t get enough old school hip hop. Which is better? You decide.