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An Idaho Vandal through and through, Krieg Shaw played and coached in Moscow, Idaho and now resides in Boise helping grow the local lacrosse scene. Follow Krieg on Twitter and on Instagram.
STX Stallion SC-TI Lacrosse Shaft

Gear Review: Stallion SC-TI Shaft by STX Lacrosse

Today we get to test out one of STX's top shafts, the Stallion SC-TI attack shaft.
2013 Legal Heads

A Solution to the Stick Dilemma

With new rules being put in place to regulate the length of shooters, how far down they can be, and if the ball will roll out, I think it's time we take a look at the bigger issue - the stick itself.
Who Does It Better?

Who Does It Better? The Sports Flicks

In today’s match-up, we pit a classic family sports movie against our very own lacrosse hit - The Mighty Ducks vs. Crooked Arrows.
Game Photos: Virginia vs. Stony Brook by Tommy Gilligan

Game Photos: #6 Virginia vs. Stony Brook

Virginia took down Stony Brook 13-7 on Saturday. We've got a batch of FANTASTIC Game Photos along some excellent video, and with links to game statistics.
Who Does It Better?

Who Does It Better? Best of the LXM Pro

In today’s match-up, we pit two of LXM Pro's best against each other. A battle just as big as Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, the season veteran vs. the young gun. The only difference is these two are on the same team, work for the same lacrosse company and they are great friends.

Traditional Thursday: Rise of the Pita

With Connor up in Syracuse prepping his own traditional wand for a game tonight with Team LAS against the Syracuse Stingers, I offered to take over this week's Traditional Thursday post with a reader's submission and my own Pita Pocket that I have been working on lately.

We Are… Marquette

If you take nothing else away from this trailer, just know that Marquette is getting ready to drop bombs this weekend. The Golden Eagles will take on Ohio State in their first-ever game as an NCAA D1 program this Saturday.

Throwback Thursday: 20 Years of Lacrosse Gear

This week, we are opening the vault for an exclusive inside Randy Fraser's gear closet.

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