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Con Bro Chill Announces Boom Town Shred Stick… #LowPieOrDie!

Con Bro Chill has been doing great things since he entered the lacrosse scene and this story is no different. Check out CBC's new 1-FOR-1 PROGRAM and order yourself a Boom Town Shred Stick today!
Mad Men Episode 7, Season 5 Lacrosse Scene

Show Us Your Old School: Mad Men Special

Sunday's opening scene of Mad Men (Episode 7) featured some fabulous top of the line old school lacrosse equipment. Watch it here!
JP Southren Randolph Lacrosse New Jersey

Four Questions You Must Ask Before Joining A Summer Lacrosse Team

Lee Southren stops by to discuss his summer club lacrosse experiences and pose four important questions to consider when choosing a team. This is a hot button issue with a lot of moving pieces.
junior seau artwork

Our Thoughts And Prayers Go Out To The Seau Family

Sad news is coming out of the extended lacrosse community in California as former NFL linebacker Junior Seau has committed suicide.
david goliath lacrosse face off Photo Of The Week!

Each week we’re looking for a superb lacrosse photo from one of our readers. If your photo is selected as Photo Of The Week, you win some awesome lacrosse swag from LAS!
Bobby Newport Parks and Rec

Paul Rudd Scores Lacrosse Goal on Parks and Rec

Remember that one time in college when Bobby Newport scored his first lacrosse goal?
By Parker Horvath

Caption Contest!

Our readers supply us with fantastic photos, we publish them, and if you drop the best Photo Caption in the comments section of this post, we hook you up with sweet LAS gear from the Lacrosse Shop!

TLS: Steal of the Week #4

As part of our great Exclusive Deals for the month of April, we are running a "Steal of the Week" that will be presented each Friday. Come check out what our LAST steal is!

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