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Reader Poll: Favorite Men’s Summer Tourney

While high schooler and young bucks everywhere are trying to get ahead with their respective traveling teams, camps, and other recruitment venues, us old men know what summer really means - Men's Club Ball!

Charlotte Hounds Week 10: Just a Tail Off

Saturday night's game between Boston and Charlotte was a heart breaker for underdogs everywhere. Before the game the ESPN announcers put it best "the winner of this game in a playoff contender, the loser is a pretender". I hate to agree with that, but sadly for Hounds fans, that's the way it looks for the Hounds right now.
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Charlotte Hounds Week 9: In the Pound

Last Saturday, the Hounds traveled to Denver to play the undefeated Outlaws. The Hounds lost by a total of six goals, with the final score being 17-11. This once again drops the Hounds below that golden .500 win percentage level and makes a late season playoff push even more important.

LAS Tank Tops Now Available!

Just in time for the hottest month of the year, LAS tank tops are now available for purchase at LACROSSE.COM! Check out all the options...
Spot The Man Bros!

Spot the Man Bros

Find all the Man Bro Bro Man Sunglasses in the photo we provide, and get a chance to win a free pair!

Reader Poll: The Way TOO Early FIL Predictions

This week's Reader Poll gets way too far ahead of ourselves and takes us to the 2014 FIL World Championships that will happen in Denver, Colorado next July 10th to the 19th. Yes, we're very excited for this.
Photo of the Week

POTW: Start ‘Em Young!

This week's POTW comes to us from our neighbors up north!

Breaking In Traditional With Greg Rose

Here is a little video from Greg about breaking in your traditional pocket, and getting the leather to stretch, without getting too much whip on your wand!

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