The First Annual Best Bucket Awards


Updated 5/19

Throughout the month of April, Lacrosse All Stars readers were invited to enter The Ultimate Lacrosse Helmet Competition sponsored by Cascade and “show us their domes.”

First and foremost, we’d like to thank all those who entered – for taking the time to do so, for patience as we’ve taken our time the past few days to thoroughly review all 150 entries. Running a contest of this size can be challenging, and we’re thankful to have readers like you on our side!

Copies of each entry can be seen in our SHOW US YOUR DOME 2014 album on Facebook.

A few additional things for entrants to note:

Entries have been cropped, brightened, and/or enhanced for a better viewing experience on

If you cannot find your entry, please note that there were a few entries that did not make it due to a) submission of an unoriginal or “borrowed” photo, b) upon receiving your entry the image file was corrupt and our email to you received no response, or c) having so many helmets in your photo entry that we couldn’t figure out which one to crop.

For those who submitted a photo with two separate helmets in it, please note that we were forced to crop one out at our discretion in order to enable you to qualify. We apologize for this inconvenience but it is important to keep the contest moving.

How the 2014 Best Bucket Awards work…


With so many high-caliber entries to choose from, it just wouldn’t be fair for us to choose the winners of the first annual Best Bucket Awards alone. Therefore, we’ve enlisted the help of a qualified panel of judges to assist us with winners for each category of the competition.

Over the next week, each of our five three judges will independently review the entire album of entries.

Next Thursday 5/8, each judge will submit a ballet casting a vote for one winner in each category.

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Best Bucket (1): Maybach Deuces

Best Team Bucket (1): Maybach Deuces

Best Throwback (1): Matching OG APs

Best Team Throwback (1): OG LAS Shorts

Best Helmet Wrap (1): Maybach Deuces

Goalie Lids (2): $25 Gift Card

Youth Buckets (3): Stringing Kits

Handsome Helmets (5): Money Mesh

Ugly Buckets (5): Stickers to fix problem


On Friday 5/9 As soon as we collect all judges ballots, LAS staff will reveal the judges, tally up their votes, and announce the Best Bucket Award winners. A tie will go to the entry with the most likes on Facebook.

Hey, what about that awesome Grand Prize?

As for determining the GRAND PRIZE winner, we’re leaving that entirely up to YOU, the contest entrant. Find your helmet photo in the album and lobby your way to being the winner! Don’t worry, we’ll help get the word out about the popular vote throughout the next week via Facebook and Twitter. Likes and unique comments (2 from the same person only counts as 1) each count as a vote for your entry, and only positive comments will be tolerated. No need for trash talking within this lacrosse community!

May the Best Buckets win!