Best Head For Crease Attackmen

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This week, there’s been some discussion about the best head for crease attackmen, specifically for a new college player. There have been some answers already, and most seem to think that it’s a matter of preference, but we want to hear your preference! Maybe it will someone’s new gamer. So, what do you think is the best head for a crease attackman?

shaolinlax54 posted the following:

Hey guys next year I will be playing d3 lacrosse and I got recruited to be a crease attack man. What head do you think would be best. I was looking into the Cobra X, Evo 4x, and Clutch Elite X but I am open to any suggestions. Thanks.

What do YOU think? Cobra, Evo, Clutch, or something different! Help a player out and let him know your thoughts!


  1. My all time favorite is an og Blade, Second is the Blade 2.0. Now I use a Maverik Rize and Juice. For a crease head I feel it is important to have a wide head, You have two jobs on the crease, catch the ball and shoot the ball you do not need a narrow head for carrying the ball. Just my two cents, have been playing the position for the past 18 years.