Big City Classic Photo Op


The Big City Classic was… well… classic.  There was just a ton of lacrosse going on inside and outside the (brand) New Meadowlands Stadium and LAS was there to catch it all, just for you. From our various neighborhoods, we took the subway to Penn Station, NJ Transit to Secaucus and then a bus to the stadium. We love when public transportation works out!

HS Lacrosse actually broke in the new stadium with an 8:30am game featuring Highland Park of Texas and the Lawrenceville School, a private school in NJ.  LVille took the first game from one of the best Texas HS teams, 11-3, proving Texas still has a way to go before they’re competing to be the best of the best like St. Andrew’s in Florida is able to do.

Ok, never trust the internet.  I got updated (and this time, correct) scores for the HP-Lawrenceville game and… yes, Highland Park won 12-8.  This is the second time HP & LVille have played and the second, yes SECOND, time HP has won. 

Highland Park is the number one team in Texas but Lawrencville is no slouch as they are easily one of the top prep teams in New Jersey.  Props to HP for the big win and I’d like to offer a mea culpa for the earlier mistake.  The level of talent from top to bottom might not be the same in Texas as it is in other states but their best teams can straight up play.  Respek.

When you’re playing Trivial Pursuit in 2024 or someone asks you who played the first game in the New Meadowlands Stadium you can always say, “two high school lax teams” and everyone will look at you funny, but you’ll be right.  Useless trivia; is there anything better?

These 2 cowboys may or may not have made it into the stadium.

Now we’re posting all this for the readers because even if you were there, you couldn’t have caught everything, and you just as easily might not remember it.

Either way, enjoy this festive pictorial run through of the laxiest day of the year… so far!  We’ve got lots of pictures and lots of stories so keep coming back for more.  You know you want it.

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    • I think what the comment was meant to convey is that Texas lacrosse as a whole has a way to go. The talent of the upper crust teams doesn't mean the rest of them could compete with the traditional hotbeds. Not a diss in any way, shape or form though. Great lacrosse breeds great lacrosse and it's up to the Highland Park's of the world to get the other Texas squads up to their level.