Billy’s Snow Day Shoot Around


I recently received a used and abused Epoch Lacrosse prototype shaft from about 2 years ago via a Brooklyn lacrosse player who got it from Connor Wilson. I was excited, I love anything that might help add a little more torque to my shot. Anything to help me get over that dreaded 95 mph hump… Perhaps this shaft, and not the weight room, was my answer?

The older prototype that I had here is a metal one, and not carbon fiber. I’ve used a carbon fiber flex shaft before and was able to get a lot of flex and snap on my shots. I was really interested to see if I could make this work on a metal Epoch shaft. So we took it out and went shooting. The real point was to go shoot… always is!

When I get my hands on a new Gen4 or Gen5 shaft from Epoch I’ll be sure to have some more videos on flex tests soon. Be on the lookout for more product videos. In the mean time, check out Connor Wilson’s flex test. We’re going to step up the quality of the video in a big way and take a real look at this tech!

Photo Credit: Jeff Melnik via Conquest Sports Photography