Blind Item: 1 Lacrosse Signs A Pro Player

blind item

1 Lacrosse logoIt’s time for another Blind Item, isn’t it?  YOU KNOW IT!   We give you a couple of hints regarding some new industry insider information, and you try to correctly guess what we’re talking about!  Pay close attention to the wording and do your research and we bet you can figure it out!

1 Lacrosse has been producing lacrosse shafts for 3 1/2 years, and now they’re bringing on their first-ever sponsored player rep.  This international man of lax, “state” school grad, and PRO player will be making appearances, using 1 Lacrosse shafts in games, and growing the game worldwide.

Can you figure out who 1 Lacrosse has signed up?  Official announcement should be made in a few days!

blind item


  1. “…using 1 Lacrosse shafts in games…”

    MLL Rule 6… Has this changed?
    “6. MLL Players use Warrior and Brine Lacrosse Sticks and equipment, New Balance footwear and Cascade Lacrosse Helmets.”

    NLL Rule 26.3… Has this changed?
    NLL sponsored equipment shall be worn unless prior 
    approval by the League and only authorized Official NLL 
    Suppliers’ logos/marks must be displayed on the 
    player’s uniform and/or equipment, which also includes 
    the shaft and head of the stick.   
     Any player or goalie not complying with this rule shall 
    not be eligible to play until such time the player or goalie 
    removes non NLL sponsored equipment and/or non 
    authorized logos/marks. Game officials shall assess 
    appropriate penaltie(s) should the player return and still 
    be non-compliant.”

    I understand what league sponsors want and expect from the equipment rules… But I’m of the opinion that pros should be allowed to choose whatever tools they want to use for the job (and at that level of experience, the equipment should be good enough that the pros would want to use it by choice). I watched a Chicago Machine goalie get ejected once for wearing an STX chest protector, but I think that instance was planned to let the backup play the second half (the backup’s large extended family was in town and they were making some noise in the stands).