Blind Item: College Team With New Helmets

Photo by Nate Cordova,

Certain teams are known for the colors of, and logos on, their helmets.  Others are known for what brand of helmet they wear.  Well, this one of a kind MCLA lacrosse “family” is making a BIG waterfall of a switch this year, and it’s sure to be one that people will notice!

Can you guess who the team is in this Blind Item?  Can you guess who they’re getting new helmets from?

It’s all in the italics!

Photo by Nate Cordova,

The photo has nothing to do with this Blind Item at all.  Just a great helmet shot.


  1. Well although a lot of the comments are good guesses, I am leaning towards Chapman. Firstly Chapman has had the same helmet design for two years. Second most of the teams mentioned (other than Simon Fraser) had new helmets last year; and usually with most MCLA teams they go a year or two. And lastly, the picture has Connor Martin in it (unsure who the other guy is, maybe Chapman maybe not) and with his style and the overall Chapman swagger I am taking a guess it is Chapman.