Blind Item: Fancy College Lacrosse Gear

Blindfold man juggling knives Blind Item
Blind Item Booya!

It’s BLIND ITEM time!  We give you the hints, and you give us the answers!  Read the Blind Item in italics below, and get to sleuthing!  Can you figure out the news before the official announcements are made?  Let’s get Insidery…

It seems like everybody and their mommas are getting hooked up with sweet new gear in the college lax world, and the helmet game is no different!  These two schools are getting new lids for 2012, and they will have something special going for them – in a color we’ve haven’t seen yet.  Neither of these 2011 NCAA qualifying schools will be the color of sadness after they see these lids!

Think you can guess which schools or players are involved?  If you know your college lax, you just might!  This one is pretty darn challenging, but also extra Insidery and totally doable!  Get to it!

Blindfold man juggling knives Blind Item
Blind Item Booya!


  1. Duke/JHU/Hofstra?  I don’t think any of them haven’t worn every
    combination possible with their colors.  However Syracuse hasn’t worn a
    blue bucket since the turn of the century, so they may be a surprise. 
    Maybe Maryland in Yellow buckets.  Princeton in Orange?  Carolina in
    Carolina Blue (no one understands why that hasn’t been done)

    Those are my guesses