BONUS Holiday Lacrosse Drop

Brett Hughes Christmas Laxmas Lacrosse Tree Virginia

Where there was only one Holiday Lacrosse Drop, there are now two.  It’s a Holiday Miracle!  I’m keeping it short and sweet and only the best stuff is making its way into this one.  We even have some must-read, non-lacrosse stories in this Lacrosse Drop so pull out the kleenex; it’s going to get emotional.

The Little Things Mean The Most

Rudy Favard is an impressive young man in Boston, taking advantage of a blessed life, but he has also found a way to give back and while it may be very simple, the difference it makes in one family’s daily struggle is down right awe inspiring.  Knowing that young people like Rudy are doing so much good at such an early age gives me so much hope for the future.


Being Thankful For Our Military has a couple of videos that will also remind you of what is important in this world.  The first focuses on a High School lacrosse tournament in CT that benefits wounded soldiers returning from abroad.  This year, they picked out one soldier in particular and its great to see these kids rally around our troops and get direct exposure to those who have given the most.  The second video features Matt Russell, former Navy Lacrosse goalie, talking about his life, service and his return to the States after a tour in Iraq and another in Afghanistan.


NLL News:  Lotsa, Lotsa

Rosters have been set in the NLL.  With the dissolution of the Orlando Titans and the dispersal of their players, the NLL rosters are absolutely loaded up with talent.  The league boasts 10 teams with about 23 guys per squad but there are probably 3-400 guys that could make a team out there.  Its going to be a very competitive and interesting year!

johnny christmas NLL Philly Wings Lacrosse boxla
Christmas is back with the Wings for 2011. The Wings are the only franchise that has been around for all 25 of years of Pro Box Lacrosse.

Tom Ryan has been fired by the Boston Blazers.  No good reason is supplied.  Actually no reason is supplied at all.  Weird move considering Boston opens its season in about 13 days.  I wonder if Randy Fraser will take over the team?  Ryan is still the US Indoor Lacrosse Team (Can they call themselves the US Box Lacrosse Team, please?) Head Coach leading up to the World Box/Indoor Championships, which will be played this May in Prague.

Finally, Cody Jamieson has signed a TEN YEAR contract with the Rochester Knighthawks.  I love that Cody is willing to commit to what is basically his hometown pro team and that the Knighthawks have realized just how good he will be.  Barring a career ending injury, Jamieson could be one of the best NLL scorers of all-time.  He’s pretty much done that at every other level he’s played.  I can’t see why this will be any different.


Speaking of Christmas!

Well, Johnny Christmas anyway.  Maverik Lacrosse has put out a new profile on the star player and their videos are produced by legendary UVA Middie and Maverik Co-founder, Jay Jalbert.  These videos are pretty easy to produce (relatively speaking at least) and although Jay does an exceptional job, I would expect more and more manufacturers to hop on this train.  Promote your players so they can promote your gear!  Makes sense to me.


Laxmas at Brett Hughes’ House

Brett Hughes is an awesome lax dude (NOT a bro).  You can tell because of his involvement with LacrosseTheNations, his willingness to spread the game and his overall attitude.  He also has one of the laxiest Christmas Trees out there.  Well done, Brett’s MOM!

Brett Hughes Christmas Laxmas Lacrosse Tree Virginia
Love. This. Tree!


Trevor Yealy is Jac Coyne’s MCLA PreSeason PotY

I can’t say this is a huge surprise… Yealy is legit and Michigan is the 3-time defending champ.  Plus the kid looks great in grey.

michigan-yealy lacrosse trevor lax ASU sun devils MCLA lacrosse______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

These Little LI Lax Groms Can Ball!

Highlights from a recent tourney at Hofstra featuring future middle school stars.  Yeah, these kids are probably in 4th or 5th grade and they can already play the game pretty well.  Some really solid roll dodges and kids switching hands at 11?  Hotbed.


Techno Jam of the Winter

This Swedish House Mafia song, One (Your Name), isn’t that new.  It probably isn’t even considered techno by hardcore fans but I could honestly care less about overblow, self-important music terminology.  This song just makes me want to dance.  And maybe fist pump a little.  But just a little.  Ok, more than just a little.


Jingle Brawl Video from LacrosseWear

Near the tail end of December, LacrosseWear puts on the 7 v 7 Jingle Brawl for Florida Laxers.  Check out some tourney footage and a dancing Santa.  It’s all accompanied by some old school surf rock.  FLALAX at its finest!


Custom SpongeBob Lacrosse Shorts by ProAthletics

These are pretty ridiculous.  I’d love to know who ordered these and how I might be able to purchase a pair.  XL or XXL, please.  This is just a fantastic effort and truly embraces the laid back summer ball/club ball attitude.  Would we ever see these on a college field?  No.  Would you really want to?  They’re fun and if you paired them with a yellow jersey with SpongeBob’s face, it might be the best uniform ever.  And Halloween costume.  Props!

SpongeBob Squarepants Lacrosse Shorts Pro Athletics Sublimated Lax Custom gear apparel


Lil Wayne on SNL

Sure, this has nothing to do with actual lacrosse but I can say with 71% certainty this song will appear on LOTS of warm up tapes this Spring!  87% chance its on Loyola or Hofstra’s warm up.  Make it happen, Dircks!


Old School Lax Photo #1

I love seeing older Virginia and Princeton lax photos.  Defensemen using traditional?  Truly awesome.

Virginia Princeton Lacrosse 1990s traditional ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Old School Lax Photo #2

1981 Hopkins v. Navy… awesome!

Navy Johns Hopkins Lacrosse 1981


SBA Lacrosse Alumni Game

The Holidays, whether they be of the Thanksgiving or Christmas varieties, are great opportunities for HS teams to hold Alumni games.


Laxmas Edibles

Thanks to Josh Rottman for the picture!  Some of his friends decided to do a little lacrosse related Rice Krispie treat snack with a ConBroChill Lax theme.  Solid work!  AHoy Laxers!

Ahoy Laxers baked lacrosse goods


  1. There’s a 10yr old in my home getting a very merry laxmas. In the tree is a card to him with his winter outdoor Rhino lacrosse registration, first year he’s been old enough to play with them. Also, he’ll be playing keep so Santa brought him a a new pair of Warrior goalie pants. Lastly, the only stick he didn’t have was a d-pole, there is one tucked into the tree for him.
    Merry Christmas to all the LAS family!

  2. Connor,

    Excellent post once again sir. Love the first two links. I think we as athletes take advantage of our blessings frequently when we whine, complain, or go 50% when we’re on the field. Whenever we get tired or angry or disappointed in a teammate or our own play, we need to remember that there are thousands of people out there who would kill to be in the position we are in as athletes, being in a place to push our bodies to our fullest potential in playing this game, and representing who we are and what we believe in when we play for our schools or cities. I think we owe it to give back.

    Saw the roster posts for the NLL teams. As an MCLA player, i was a bit disappointed to see Cam Holding (GVSU / FSC) not make Edmonton’s roster. However, i think that if the league expands, we’ll see a few more MCLA guys getting roster spots in the league. I know you’ve got a heart for D3, but i think the MCLA is a great alternative, especially out west.

    Played against Yealy in high school and infrequently the past few years in summer club. Believe me, the kid is definitely quick and he should be able to dodge with the best of the MCLA. Add that to his already well developed crease talent, and he’s an easy pick for pre-season player of the year.

    Finally, don’t worry, I think there’s still a few defensemen out there who rock the traditional stringing (this guy’s one of them, I even rock the old-school wooden stick as well!).

    Thanks Connor and all the guys at LAS for Growing The Game! Merry Christmas to you all!

    Bill Sigmund
    Grove City College Lacrosse Vice President

  3. Commenting on BOTH DROPS doubling my chances,
    i love the warm up cd talk because i think the Warm up CD is one of the most underratedly important parts of lacrosse. this should fit great on any warmup cd right next to ARENA by con bro chill

  4. All I want for Christmas
    is my grow the game shirt,
    my grow the game shirt,
    see my grow the game shirt!

    Gee, if I could only
    have my grow the game shirt,
    then I could wish you
    “Merry Christmas.”

    YEAH LAX!!!!!

  5. The old school pics remind me of the day when helmets were either black or white, and customization meant different color tape on the helmet…and maybe a bandana (do rag) under it, because the strings on the back never did enough to make it fit right.
    Also makes me remember the days when almost EVERYONE on the field used traditional.

    Will have to send you a pic of a classic, old D pole I have at home. Rivals the pic of the old STX head from the Big Lax Drop