Boston Blazers Take a Break


On what should have been a day of raucous lacrosse celebration in Boston, a sad announcement was made; the Boston Blazers are temporarily suspending operations for the 2012 NLL season. They claim they’re working on a new arrangement that will allow them to resume operations in 2013.

Basically, they need a new arena to play in. With the Garden playing host to the Bruins and Celtics, and lots of other events, it’s clear it just wasn’t working out. Either the Garden didn’t have the time, or the rent was too damn high. So no matter how many people say that the Blazers are folding on Twitter, they aren’t. At least not yet. We’re truly hoping they can find a great place to play, and call home, in the Boston area, and that the NLL continues to expand and improve. But at the same time, we’re not holding our breath.

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Boston just seemed like a slam dunk for the NLL on American soil. There is a massive economic issue at play here, but still, Boston loves its lax these days. It’s a shame that it didn’t work out.

We’re curious what city and ownership group will be the next for expansion. And where exactly the Blazers will play in 2013… Got any thoughts on this?

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  1. The Boston Blazers started as the New England Blazers, then the Boston Blazers until 97 before rejoining in the NLL.  They’ll be back.  You can’t keep that city out of the lacrosse for long.  Looking forward to seeing them play again in the future

    • Actually, if you look at Denver and Boston in the MLL and Denver and Toronto in the NLL (two of each league’s best teams attendance wise) I think you might be surprised to see just how close the numbers in attendace are.
      The NLL may have blow out the MLL in attendance years ago, but that has quickly changed.

      I agree it is unfortunate that Boston will shutter their doors for a season and really hope they make it back in 2013.  I remember going to TONS of Blazers games as a kid (when they wore green, orange and black and lots of SPANDEX!) and loving it.  I was happy to see them back, but not surprised they couldn’t make it work in the Garden.

      I would say the MLL and NLL are pretty even as the highest level of lax… and with moves like this, the NLL may be starting to drag behind even.  Total shame.  But the league needs to improve if they’re going to grow.  This attitude they have of “we’re the best, so deal with it” won’t help them through these financial difficulties one bit.