Box Lacrosse Player With HUGE Field Upside


Layne Smith is a 2015 attackman who also plays a whole lot of box lacrosse. He’s not the tallest kid in the field, but he’s thick (5’11” and 195) and uses his strength and balance to his advantage very well. He also has a super stick, and finishes inside with a flurry of fakes.

Now, if you’re thinking that Layne is “just” a box player, you’re wrong. Layne also plays attack and has been a member of the championship team in the Ontario Provincial U16, where he ended up playing goalie (their goalie got hurt) and still managed to score a goal (in the championship game no less!). He also was selected to play for the Team Iroquois U16 field team at the Alumni Cup Labor Day Weekend, which will be held in 2013 in Montreal. Oh yeah, Layne also scored 58 goals this season in the OLA Midget division, making the All-Star team.

I love how hard Smith goes to the cage on dodges, and he does a good job of taking abuse, and using any half-step to his advantage. He protects his stick very well, and has a great vision for finishing in tight.