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Editor’s note: Each week in the “Brett Hughes Vs.”series MLL All-Star Brett Hughes will tackle a single topic that he thinks deserves some noise in the lax world. This week: Brett dishes out some wisdom on kicks.

I hope you guys agreed with some of my college football analysis from last week but if you didn’t…start your own blog! Following up on that topic, I am still trying to decide (along with out football dept here at ESPN RISE) who the Heisman should go to this year.

Personally none of the offensive guys are having the year they should so right now I think they should give it to a guy on the other side. Tennessee defensive back Eric Berry (aka “The 5th Dimension”) might just flat out be the best player in the country period.

So this week I wanted to talk some shoes and I’m going two ways with it.  First, a couple suggestion for the lacrosse community and second some of my favorites you should keep an eye out for.

To start off: a public service announcement to middle and high school students. Please stop wearing vans to workout in or actually practice. It’s just bad form. You wouldn’t wear cleats into a classroom so please don’t come out to a lacrosse field rocking red and black checkered vans or skate shoes. But feel free to keep them with you because I am all for that style the second workouts are over. If you want to be seen as a serious athlete while working out you should take yourself seriously. That’s hard if every time you look down you see size 11 Vans stompin’ on the ground.

Okay, now its time to talk some shoes and I have a couple pairs you need to add to your closet. I’ve been fortunate enough to snag a couple of these over the years and some others I’ll hoping to get my hands on soon! Or I could just steal from Kyle Harrison’s closet (that kid has shoes!)

Brett Hughes Vs. Chuck Taylor’s

First off, any style of Chucks I’m into almost in any color imaginable. My personal favorites are just black high top chucks with red stitching. Shabanga!

The Original

My girlfriend has a pair of red sequined ones that are actually pretty hot for any ladies reading this.  Check them out. Kinda the street version of Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz.

Brett Hughes Vs. Nike’s

I am a Nike guy for sure, Jordans and Lebrons for basketball shoes and the Lebron Six’s are my favorites right now. Blue and White. (Thanks Kyle for hooking those up sir)

For when I’m just cruising around in Nike’s it has to be AF1’s. I don’t like to get too crazy with them and my motto is “simple is best”.

Another shoe tip: check out Gravis for some sick new looks they have coming out.

Brett Hughes Vs. Dress Shoes

I actually used to work in the shoe business a while back and if you ever have the ability to get a custom tailored pair a leather shoes it’s unreal. I haven’t had any for about 3 years but I think I may have to get some again. Nothing feels better than a pair of shoes made just for your feet. Just get a Blucher oxford style and rock them with anything.

blucher oxford style
Classy kicks

But when it comes down to it sandals are what make up 80 % of what I wear on my feet.  Nothing like a good pair of sandals but I’m just not loyal to one single brand just yet. Reef, Rainbow, or Sanuk is what I stick to but hit me up if you have a better sandal because I’m always looking for a new style.  The Reef’s I’m rocking are broken in so nice right now but I heard Scott Slippahs are pretty badass too.

What are your thoughts? What’s hot right now in the lacrosse world? I’ve been seeing a ton of bright colors out there and I went through that phase for about 6 months before I realized its just not me.  But, for those of you who can rock the “bro chill” -type gear game on, man.

Hope you guys can hit us back on Lax All Stars with some other ideas on shoes. Or if you think I’m wrong throw a comment below and I’ll  debate you. At the end of the day if it’s cleats, dress shoes, or just some boots for kickin’ around, you got to be comfortable and confident.

I never owned a pair of cleats that were over 50 dollars until I was a junior in high school so just put your kicks to work and they’ll eventually feel good and look better!


ESPN_RISEAbout the author: MLL All-Star Brett Hughes is a former UVA All-American who currently plays longpole for the Denver Outlaws.  Hughes also runs the lacrosse division of ESPN RISE and represents Team STX. He is also Co-Founder/Director of Lacrosse The Nations, a non-profit organization using the universal language of sport to bring hope and joy into the heart of impoverished communities.


  1. yeah i got 3 pairs of sperry top siders, and 2 pairs of sperry slip-ons. other than that i got 3 pairs of nikes(free 5.0, Vandal High Tops, Air Flight 89's), and one pair of reeboks (ventilators). sandals, vineyard vines…typical CT.