Bros Icing: Two Goalies, Double The Ice


It’s the latest trend to captivate the hearts and minds of frat rows across the nation. Bros Icing Bros has taken the country by storm and lax bro’s have caught the fever. For those not in the know, Urban Dictionary defines Bros Icing Bros as,

“Bros Icing Bros is a fraternity based drinking game. Basically a bro buys Smirnoff Ice, presents it to one of your bros in any manner, your bro must instantly get on one knee and chug the Smirnoff Ice on the spot regardless of setting. The most important rule: You cannot refuse an Ice. If you refuse to drink the Ice you are instantly excommunicated and shunned, and thus can never ice another bro or be Iced. If a bro that is being presented with a Smirnoff Ice has a Smirnoff Ice on hand however the bro that presented the Ice in the first place must drink them both which is called a block.”

Andy: “Did you hear about how awesome I got James Job with an ‘Ice’ yesterday”

Michael: “No, how?”

Andy: “Gave him a box of cereal which contained a tall boy of Ice. What a breakfast.”

Michael: “Damn gotta love Bros Icing Bros.”

Surprising absolutely nobody, the lacrosse world has embraced icing right away. From Jersey to LA, lax bros are icing lax bros at summer leagues and tournaments across the country. Case in point, at the recent Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament two goalies were simultaneously iced on the field during a faceoff.

Luckily for you the Lax All Stars crew was there with a Flip Cam ready. We’re pretty sure this will go down in bro history for all of bro-kind to remember.

As extra credit homework on “Bros Icing Bros” take a second to read Drew Magary’s hilarious The Epitome of Douche: “Bros Icing Bros” article over on

Good day, bro.

[Photo credit: @kip_turner]

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  1. Other Icings in Tahoe:
    –Zakk Souza (Mountain Top) at the end of this same game, as presented by the Ref courtesy of Zach Bluth and Josh Rottman
    –Josh Rottman (Sactown Cows) the next morning, as presented in his stick by Ryan Westfall and Zakk Souza