BYU Photos: Boise State And Simon Fraser

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This past weekend, BYU went to Idaho where they played Boise State and Simon Fraser on the smurf turf.  BYU whipped out new uniforms, won both games, and Victoria Harris of All American Shots captured it all on film.

From the looks of things, the games were physical and fun to watch!  We’ve added a funny caption or two where appropriate, which is all of the photos:

BYU Boise State Lacrosse

Hi there, we're taller than you.

BYU Boise State Lacrosse

Always shoot low with a longstick.

BYU Boise State Lacrosse

I believe I can fly...

BYU Boise State Lacrosse

I'm going to break SOMEONE's ankles. Maybe mine.

BYU Simon Fraser Lacrosse

Canadians hate a one handed cradle. Actually so do I...

BYU Simon Fraser Lacrosse

BYU kids can also dangle a bit.

BYU Simon Fraser Lacrosse

The new sticks really are light.

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