Cajun’s Corner – Fall Ball

ProSept (That's Pro7 in Francais)

Hooray, Fall Ball!

Fall Ball.
That pretty much says it all, huh?

Great weekend to be a citizen of the Sportsman’s Paradise. Hornets won, Tigers won, Saints won. Then there was some liggity lax Fall Ball.

The LSU lacrosse club hosted a round robin with two of the MCLA’s newest members, Tulane Green Wave and UL-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns (henceforth named ULL). There were three, 30 minute running clock games. At least, I think it was 30 minutes? Could be wrong on that one. They were abbreviated games. How about that?

Turnout was impressive. LSU (and myself) had been pushing this hard over the past few weeks around campus to get people at the games. This was easily the biggest turnout I had seen at a college-level lacrosse game in Louisiana.  Probably in the range of 50-70 people.

First the Tigers played the Cajuns.  Just watching them warm up, I could tell this was not the same Tigers of year’s past. Most wasn’t kidding around when he said they had picked up some really talented guys from all over the country. Of course, my more reliable Dutchtown players were in attendance, and after watching the shooting warms-ups, I heard a lot of “Whoa. Did you see that?”

Before face-off time rolled around, I got to catch up with one of our Dutchtown alum’s, Daniel Adler, who now starts at attack for the Tigers. This is what he’s working with.

New Balance Jerseys. Classy.
ProSept (That's Pro7 in Francais)

During the first half, play was pretty sloppy from both teams. I think everyone can credit that to nerves. The second half showed a much more relaxed Tigers, as they worked the ball around and controlled the tempo of the offense. A calmer, and more physically fit, LSU took the first win of the day, 8-0.

A few forced unsettled transitions resulted in goals, but ultimately the run and gun lifestyle of the Tigers of years past seems to be dying out.

Next Tulane took the field to play ULL. To be completely honest, I had no clue what to expect from Tulane. The Green Wave has an “on again, off again” reputation in the area. Sometimes they show up to play a solid lacrosse game. Other times they might not show up at all. It appears to me that Tulane is really making a strong push to become a viable and legit lacrosse team in the state, as they’ve joined the MCLA, and their performance on the day was impressive.

Here’s the pinnie they were sporting.

The Green Wave wears Blue pinnies. Defiance.

Tulane really surprised me. They have a stout attack, and a couple talented middies. Their slow paced offense dominated the minutes in the game, which ultimately led to their victory over the Cajuns.

Finally, the Tigers took on Tulane, and the results were pretty similar to their first game. First half chippiness and sloppy passing was corrected in a few short minutes. A more settled (but still fast paced) Tigers offense prevailed, resulting in a Tiger victory, 7-3.

Here’s some super cool highlight footage, brought to you via Knox’s iPhone 4. It’s in HD, so if your interwebs are capable, go full screen.


Clinic Time!

In other news, I have the list of restaurants I’m going to take Brett and Con to narrowed down. That’s a big deal. Almost as big as their presence in Louisiana in the first place.

BOOM Rouge

Byrd High School Alumni game is this Friday in Shreveport. Very excited to see some old and new faces. Very unexcited about how horrendously out of shape I am.

The winter Box lacrosse league in Baton Rouge begins 12/5. No more Cajun style box for me. This is legit, NLL style box. My Dutchtown crew managed to put together two full rosters to take on my team of old people who don’t run nearly enough.


Louisiana Talent

I think I’ve posted a Saban Sellers video before, but this one has playoff footage. I’m watching some of these clips and thinking “What the hell just happened?” Kid finds a way to score.