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11 - Published May 27, 2010 by in Gear

Our club’s new shorts from Pro Athletics FINALLY came in. Only three weeks late. Their awesomeness makes up for their tardiness.

Back left leg of shorts

Front of shorts

Virtually no new news in the Louisiana lax world, other than two box leagues have started up. One (This is an adult box league’s blog. If you can’t handle adult language/content, don’t click on it. And don’t blame me. I warned you.) is in Harahan, LA, the other is in Covington.

First annual free lacrosse clinic is this weekend, with the overall goal of spreading the Hell out of this sport. Turn out is supposed to be pretty awesome, with lots of youth-aged people. It’s more than likely going to rain, but we’re not canceling anything unless we really have to.

Ollie: "IT GON RAIN"

Finally, predictions for this awesome lax filled weekend:

1) Duke upsets UVA. Duke has been on a roll, and their offense has been explosive. I think UVA can give them a run for their money, but they’re mentally shaken up, and their defense for some reason hasn’t looked as good as it did mid-season. Duke by 3.

2) Cornell beats Notre Dame, assuming Cornell stays focused from start to finish. Notre Dame’s wins have come from a combination of two things – pretty stellar lacrosse play on their part, coupled with poor execution from their opponents. If Cornell doesn’t fall into that category this weekend, they’ll get the job done by 4.

3) NC winner: Duke by 2. They’re just too strong.

Disagree with me? That’s fine.

Kung Fu bear thinks your argument is invalid. Take it up with him.

I also got a twitter account, and I’m still trying to figure it out. Find me @CajunCornerKnox

Louisiana lacrosse is still beautiful. More playoff pics from Barry Spears Jesuit NOLA vs C.E. Byrd

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