Cajun’s Corner: Introducing Chris Dill


I’d like to introduce you to some more of Louisiana’s talent.

The other day, a guy I know from New York told me “I know for a fact that there are some lacrosse players in Louisiana that are better than the ones in New York.” Obviously, good Louisiana laxers are like diamonds in the rough, but I’ll help point you in the right direction.

Meet Chris Dill, certified manimal. He plays Defense and LSM for St. Paul’s, and the U19 All Star Team, Quick Stick.

If you’re a college recruiter and have half a bit of sense, you’ll call this kid and recruit his balls off. Easily one of the most talented and aggressive long poles in the South. He’s a lefty, and a multi-sport, freak athlete.

I really debated on what to title this video. It was either “Chris Dill Highlights” or “Chris Dill Murders Everyone.”

You can also find Chris badgering attackmen in my Navy Camp video. He’s in the back at the 1:20 mark, and in the front at the 2:05 mark.

A few of his Stats and Honors:
– 50+ ground balls last year
– 32 take aways
– 3 year varsity & captain.
– Junior year All state, All District
– Invited to play in England for U19 Team USA West
– Plays for Elite team Quick stick.

LAS: When did you start playing lacrosse and why?

Chris Dill: I started playing my sophomore year – the first year St Paul’s started lacrosse. My passion was baseball until I broke my arm playing football. The doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to play baseball due to the injury, so I signed up to play lacrosse. Who knew that I would fall in love with this sport?

What has been your favorite moments playing lacrosse so far?

One of my favorite moments is playing our first year against ocean springs at the battle at the beach, it came down to brave heart. All the other schools were pulling for us since we were so bad……….. We won that game.

My second favorite moment was playing for Quick Stick, when we went to Georgia to play in a tournament. Coach Austin (Speni) said we were going there for experience, and to see where we matched up against other great teams. Well, we finished third out of ten teams in the tournament.

What’s your pregame ritual?
Pregame I lead with a prayer, and then we do some crazy chants and end with our school motto: Wolf Pride.

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Knox Hutchinson
Knox is a 25 year old High School Head Coach in a small area east of Baton Rouge. He played High School ball for four years, and college ball for about 1 week until he realized his collegiate priorities rested with more important things like partying and eventually trying to get his grades up. He enjoys things that most Louisiana people do – eating boiled crawfish and alligator, a cold Abita Amber, anything LSU, his dog, and his beautiful girlfriend, Audrey. Lacrosse is not listed because most Louisiana people have no idea what lacrosse is.


  1. Ugh… the 1:03 mark is what gives non traditional lacrosse beds a bad name. Blasting the pick man… illegal and thuggery. He looks athletic.. there are lots of athletes out there. Video doesn’t show much 1 on 1 or sliding.

    • Different strokes for different folks, I guess. We like to play a physical sport “physically”. All I can say is I’ve watched him play a bunch of times and very few long poles have impressed me with aggressiveness and overall technique like this guy. He’s certainly earned those honors and stats – nobody just gave those to him.

      I can’t say I under stand your last statement though. Pretty much the whole video is slides, 1 v 1s, GBs, and clears, and Chris executes them very well.

      Plus he actually hit one of my players so hard that it sent them into a panic attack. No really. It was insane, and it was a good shot. And to be honest, thats exactly what I would expect out of one of my defenders going for a ground ball – contest the ball as physically as possible.

      • I don’t disagree that he is a beast and an athlete, but the video was lacking many things. The video was mostly ground balls and hits. Honestly not much 1 on 1. Now he may be a better player than the video shows, but he doesnt look like anything special from it.

        At about 4:40, there is no need for a slide at all. Just saying.