Cajun’s Corner – Louisiana Lacrosse Photo Blitz

They converted #10 from Middie to Attack this year. Great decision. Kid was a baller

Everyone likes pictures. Here are some shots from a southern state called “Louisiana.”

Thanks to Barry Spears for all the following.

Catholic @ Mandeville

They converted #10 from Middie to Attack this year. Great decision. Kid was a baller
Don't forget a screw! Note: Head flying at the top of picture
Coaching by Tim Echols
I was told #10 from Mandeville is a Virginia transplant. Definitely a scoring threat
You know that sideline was screaming "TWO HANDS"

Dutchtown @ St. Pauls

Need to work on my posture
Dill clears, while Hatfield and Dalton trail
Dalton Bailey shot
Dalton rides like a spider monkey
Ryan Adler posts up against a tough St Pauls defense



Nominations for All District were due to the league today. Some (but not all) of my key nominations for Dutchtown:

Dalton Bailey – Attack, 34 goals, 18 assists. And this. Yes, I put that link in my nomination.

Ryan Adler – Attack, 27 goals, 24 assists. Colorado transplant.

Jarred Hatfield – Middie, 13 goals, 14 assists, 27 GBs, and 6 takeawats. He played in 10 out of the 11 games due to injury

Ryan Hugunel – Goalie. Allowed 74, saved 81. 52.258% Save ratio.

This is all through our 11 game season.

Conference call to discuss nominees tomorrow night. Results tallied and posted on the LHSLL website Saturday.


  1. I have watched this clip of the low to high rip from Dalton a couple of times, but after watching it today I noticed the goalie is not even ready for this shot. The goalie doesn’t get set to make a save until after Dalton has wound up to take the shot. The shot is nice, but I am saying that any goalie with any sort of skill makes that save. Stick side high from 13/14 yards out, should be a save.