Canadian Masters Box Lacrosse Invitational


Starting on Friday, July 19th, Masters box lacrosse teams from Canada descended on the Kahnawà:ke Sports Complex for the Canadian Masters Lacrosse Invitational Championships. KTV spoke with organizer, Al “Arbour” Diabo about bringing the tourney to Kahnawà:ke.

It’s a slightly less physical and slower game when the older guys play it, but I’m sure everyone is thankful for that. I know I would be.

This tournament in Kahnawà:ke is also special because Herta Norton is playing, and she is the first ever woman to play in this box lacrosse tournament. We also saw the first woman play in Prague this year at the Ales Hrebesky Memorial, so perhaps this is a trend that is only growing?

Click here to see a list of the teams that played, as well as the schedule.

We will update the post with results as they become available.