BI Lions lacrosse Norway lax

Caption Contest!

28 - Published October 28, 2011 by in International, Site News

Fridays mean a great lacrosse-themed Caption Contest!  You supply a witty comment, and if yours is the top dog, we pick you as the winner!  For your efforts we send you some super sweet lax goodies.  It’s a deal where everyone benefits!

This week we have another photo from Norway’s BI Lions!  In case you missed it, we talked about the growth of Norwegian Lacrosse earlier this week, and one of the photos that was sent over is just screaming for a great comment!  Now have at it, drop some solid positive comments and you could be the next person to get swagged out with Man-Bro Bro-Man Sunglasses!  Fantastic photographic work by Jon Bogen to capture this BTB attempt indoors with such clarity.  The Norwegians are getting fancy!  Love it.

BI Lions lacrosse Norway lax

Photo Copyright Jon Bogen. Great work, Jon!

Last week’s Caption Contest featured some European Football players getting their first look at lax, and the winner was Patrickskellington with this gem:caption contest winner lacrosse

 Patrickskellington – send your mailing address to us via to claim your Man-Bro Bro-Man sunglasses!

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