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Caption Contest!

Caption Contest
It's caption contest time!
Caption Contest

It's caption contest time!

It’s Caption Contest time again! We supply you with a photo, you supply us with a witty comment, and then if you’re lucky, we hook you up with something sweet from The Lacrosse Shop!

Last Week’s Winner

Last week, the photo was a little racy. Raunchy, over the top comments didn’t stand a chance. If you need to be gross to be funny, you’re probably not being funny! Get creative yo!

The winner was Nikolas with this gem:

Keeping it clean. Making us chuckle.

Congratulations Nikolas! Hit us up with your mailing address to claim your prize!

This week’s Caption Contest!

This week we’re giving away an LAS Logo Hat in any color of your choice. These lids are classic! All that and a little internet fame!

Lacrosse All Stars Logo Hats

Pick a color, any color.

Here’s the photo:

BYU vs Simon Fraser Lacrosse 9

Oh hey, that's funny! It's caption contest time!

To enter, submit your caption in the comments section below…

Got a worthy photo to submit? Drop us a line!


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