Caption Contest!


We were out coaching in FORCE this weekend, and didn’t get up a Caption Contest on Friday.  So we’re dropping this Caption Contest on a Monday instead.  We keep our players on their toes at practice, and our readers on their online toes.  Shock condition at its finest.

Last Week’s Winner!

Last week we gave you all the chance to win Woozles shorts by Pro Athletics simply by liking us and ProA, and commenting on a detwigging stick check photo from the Woozles’ trip to Tahoe.  Since the shorts were DARTH Woozle shorts, there were an abundance of Star Wars entries, which we liked, being nerds ourselves.  But there was one clear winner.  It was so simple.  So CLASSIC Obi-wan.

It was, in fact, the caption we were looking for.  CM nailed it!

(Editor’s Note: Christopher Mark – send us your mailing address! with “Caption Contest – Woozles Shorts” in the subject line!)

And now for this week’s Caption Contest…

We’ve got a great shot from the recent Princeton  – Johns Hopkins game by Tommy Gilligan!  Full photo gallery to come soon!  A Hop players slices through a Princeton double team, and the facial expressions along are caption worthy.  Make it witty, keep it clean, and make it count!

Splitting the defense Hop Princeton Lacrosse
Blue Jays and Tigers go at it.

This week’s winner receives Grow The Game Laces From the Lacrosse Shop!