Caption Contest!

Lax All Stars Logo Tees
Nothing beats the original!

We publish a fantastic photo every Friday, and if you drop the best Photo Caption in the comments section of this post, we hook you up with sweet LAS gear from the Lacrosse Shop! Not too shabby, eh? It’s how a great Caption Contest works!

This Week’s Caption Contest…

Check out the photo below, and drop your best caption in the comments!  We’ll hook the winner up with a Lax All Stars Logo Tee of your choice from the Lacrosse Shop!

Lax All Stars Logo Tees

This week’s photo comes to us via the Idaho Men’s Summer League. It features two of Idaho’s finest fiercely battling for a face-off… we think.

Idaho Men's Summer League

Get to commenting and WIN!  If YOU want your photo to be used in a future Caption Contest, send us the photo and some info via our Tipline!

Last Week’s Winner…

Last week’s Caption Contest winner is Phil Hess:

Phil Hess – Send us your mailing address and we’ll hook it up!

The lacrosse prizes and potential internet fame are well worth the effort, and even if it takes us some time, we’ll always pick a winner! Great work Phil, and look for weekly Caption Contests all Summer!


  1. Here we can see the majestic GB scooper, protecting the ball from an intruder. They will ram eachother with their powerul bodies until one of then is forced away, leaving the victor to his breakaway.